Vue Js For Loop

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Modified1 year, 7 months ago. I have a method in Vuejs which updates a set of variables based on a selection. The problem is that it looks rather verbose, so I wonder if I can run a for loop there that iterates through those numbers.

The thing is that the numbers aren't sequenced.

  • I mean the series runs as {1,2,3,5,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,16,17,18,20,21,22}.

  • In the end what I'm searching for is something that looks like this:.

I'm not really sure how to do it as I'm quite new to javascript.

Example 2 – V-for Loop iteration

Is it possible to add a nested foreach with this method?For example:. Note that k was added to the formula and that n is child of k.

So for each k it should run the series of n.

How to use for loop or v-for in vue js

132132 bronze badges. 90011 gold badge88 silver badges2626 bronze badges. 88 silver badges2626 bronze badges. n should be an array and loop through it using forEach method like :.

1414 gold badges106106 silver badges132132 bronze badges. 132132 bronze badges. I'm sure this has been asked before but I cannot find it anywhere.

I just need to dynamically load components on buttons in a loop. Can you call component files out of the script section.


Managing Changes

I have cards in a loop with a download button, but these files differ for every button click can I.. Im hoping I am making myself clear.

I just need the rendered button in a v-for to open the component name from the script tag. As I said there is multiple v-cards with the download button, but each button must open the component assigned to is in the script.

Example 3 – V-for Loop iteration

Filtering Lists

6464 bronze badges. As shown here:

You can use a dynamic component like this. myCurrentlyDynamicComponent being a name of a component, that you of course need to import initially.

1010 gold badges3535 silver badges6464 bronze badges. 6464 bronze badges. A common requirement for front-end applications is listing out items.

If you use v-if with v-for, you’ll be iterating through every item of your array no matter what your conditional is.

Using computed Values to Filter Items

It can take the form of a to-do list and card systems.

Vue.js supports rendering lists of items onto the browser using the built-in v-for< core directive.

In this post, we will explore how v-for can be used in Vue applications. This post assumes you have some knowledge of loops, arrays, and objects in JavaScript.

You can refer to this series if you’re getting started with JavaScript.

This exploration will build upon an HTML file that uses a CDN (content delivery network) hosted copy of the Vue.js framework:.

Using v-bind:key to Track Elements

You can refer to this post if you’re getting started with Vue.js. At this point, if you were to upload this code and view this file in a browser, you will see the message: "hello".

  • The built-in v-for directive allows us to loop through items.

  • We can use a range in the v-for directive to iterate a specified number of times.

Let’s replace the contents of our

with an unordered list that repeats list items 15 times:.

This will result in an unordered list with numbers 1 to 15. The v-for directive only applies to the element that it’s attached to.

If multiple items should repeat with the v-for directive, we should wrap the elements in a