Vue Js Template Separate File

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Modified4 years ago. I want to separate the vue.js template into a .vue file while leaving code in a .js file.

This is a vue "single file component":.

Make the .vue file the real component, and define a MIXIN that points to the .js file.

Seems very hacky! What I would like:.

A single webpack import to the .js file:.

String Templates

What About Separation of Concerns?

Is this possible? Or a tag in the .vue file that vue-loader understands? The goal is to set breakpoints in visual studio code + separation of concerns + readability.



Oh, and this needs to work with typescript!

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For v3.x, click here. In many Vue projects, global components will be defined using Vue.component, followed by new Vue({ el: '#container' }) to target a container element in the body of every page. This can work very well for small to medium-sized projects, where JavaScript is only used to enhance certain views.