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Modified9 months ago. I use Ubuntu 16.04 and I'd like to know how I check the vue.jsversion used by my project.

How do I do that? 4242 bronze badges. 95522 gold badges88 silver badges1111 bronze badges. 88 silver badges1111 bronze badges. Let's summarize the solutions from @jonrsharpe, @JamesAMohler and @MartinCalvert for friends looking for a quick answer. Run npm list vue (or npm list --depth=0 | grep vue to exclude packages' dependencies).

It is a common way to check npm package's version in the terminal.

Of course, you can also check vuejs's version by browsing package.json (or use command like less package.json | grep vue).
Use Vue.version during the runtime.

It is a global API provided in vue.js. 55 gold badges3636 silver badges5353 bronze badges. 5353 bronze badges. There are few ways to check vue version:. npm v vue run this on the terminal. Check package.json, code will be something like this.

If you have vue dev tools installed then go to the Vue tab and you should be able to see the version there.

Note: If you use vue --version - this will check vue cli version, not Vue version.

yarn global add @vue/[email protected]

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npm i -g @vue/[email protected]

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vue upgrade

Please simply try type npm v vue in terminal to check the version of Vue.js.

AMD Module Loaders

If you have the Vue.js Chrome dev tool extension installed and your application is built in development mode you can simply open up the Chrome Dev Tools and use the Vue extension tab.