Vue Js Vs Angularjs

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Sometimes for a new project, we choose a development framework on a random basis relied on the needs of the project, developer's choice and available expertise required to complete the project.

But, the main concept of choosing a framework for an enterprise will depend on the development requirements and suitability of the framework to match the needs.

People think that it is easy to decide to settle down on a framework and make a well-established web presence. However, there are many things we should consider to choose a framework for the development based on its performance, speed, reliability, speed, maturity, stability, learning curve, community support and efficiency of delivering the results.

Keep this context in mind while choosing a web framework. Selecting a framework is a science as it needs expertise and related experience to understand the project needs and a suitable web and software development environment for it.

Our focus in this writing will be on AngularJS and Vue.JS.

  1. Both of these platforms have different features and functional abilities.

What Is Angular?

And these features make developers and businesses in a dilemma while making the selection. However, we have tried our best to make you comfortable while making a selection between AngularJS and Vue.JS. Statistics of frameworks - Popularity always matters.

Let's see Google Trends for AngularJS and VueJs. This is going to be an amazing fight between both of these technologies. Both of these are the best in their segment and performing powers. According to w3techs, Angular is utilized by 0.4% of all the websites, i.e.

a JS library market share of 0.5%. Other statistics show the development languages utilized by software programmers across the globe as of 2019, by deployment type.

What are the key features of Angular?

Based on the reports, 69% of developers utilized JS (JavaScript) and 5% decided to go with the language. The JS is only the platform running on the path, because there are lots of siblings are in the race, which is offering more powerful options for web development.

Vue.Js, Node.Js, React and Angular are some of the widely used front end development frameworks. All these frameworks are utilizing JavaScript as the core and base of developing for developing attractive and more capable applications.

Why JS frameworks? There are many reasons behind the fame of JS. There are lots of libraries available in JavaScript that make a system very easier for the development. The latest JS capabilities vested in the top 3 frameworks are React.Js, Angular.Js and Vue.Js.

But the lock horn in this writing is between Angular.Js and Vue.Js. And we assure you that after reading the whole blog you will become capable to decide the best as per your requirements.

What are the tools available to build a VueJS app?

Take a scenario, in a case if you need to decide between chocolate, ice cream, toffee or chocolate biscuit, what will you choose as it is really a tough decision. If you like chocolate most then without any doubt it will be your first choice and rest will be your second options based on your mood the priority you give to them.

Well, it is also true that not any item decreases the value of the other item. It is just your taste or requirement.

  1. Why & When should you choose Vue.js?

    In the same manner, we the choice of a framework depends on your need and project requirements. Either AngularJs or VueJs you can choose as per your choice. So, where to go? Don't worry we are going to show a clear picture of everything regarding these frameworks.

    We can't say which one is the best front-end framework. It will be only your decision and your developer's choice.

    Also it will depend on the type of application you need for your business. We have listed some of the important aspects that should be considered before selecting a front-end framework.

    There are mainly 6 points or elements should be considered while moving with a front-end JS framework is as follows:.


  2. What Is Vue.js?

    · Learning Curve. · Library/Framework Size. · Community Support. Now, start the journey of AngularJs and VueJs to know their basics, features, advantages and comparison between them.

    Angular Framework. In simple words, it is an open-source JS-based framework that helps in developing robust and highly scalable web applications. A decade ago Google launched a front-end development environment that is known as Angular.Js.

    As a Google product, it is highly popular among businesses for developing front-end applications. If we talk about its usage then understand it in this way, most of the big names in Fortune 500 Organizations such as Whatsapp, Forbes and others use this framework in order to develop their web applications.

    Since its origin in order to keep it the best match of today's business needs Google had released its new version named as Angular2 in 2016.

    There are many features vested in Angularjs development which are responsible for making it the first choice of developers. It is a high-end and complete framework with an encompassing solution instead of just like an array of libraries.

    Is Vue JS dying?

  3. 2. AngularJs vs Vue.js: Angular.js has a steeper learning curve, therefore, you need more experienced full-stack developers for your project.

    It helps developers in focusing their task much faster as it offers libraries and other solutions to help them in the development. This is one of the reasons make this framework in the top front-end frameworks in 2020 having impressive UI for the users.

    It is developed on TypeScript which allows accessing all the advantages it offers such as class syntax, await/async, arrow functions etc. The inclusion of various Object-Oriented Programming makes the migration easier from any OOP-based languages like Java and C++.

    When it is ideal to choose Angular.js? · To develop feature-rich and large-scale web applications. · Coding in TypeScript. · To develop a web app based on OOP. · To create hybrid, web or native applications for long-term use.

    · To build real-time applications such as message apps, chat apps etc.

    What Are the Advantages of Angular?

  4. Vue.js vs. Angular: Side-by-Side Comparison

    · Use it when you are searching for a scalable and reliable front-end framework. The latest and updated version of Angular is Angular 8 which allows developers to have a big amount of features to include in their web development project.

    What is inside Angular.Js? The framework utilizes real DOM. It is not easy to manage as if you are not able to control the flow, you will slip into a deep well of coding while finding the issues or errors.

    Learning Difficulty

  5. 1. AngularJs vs Vue.js: Angular.js is opinionated and heavy, but high on functionality. Whereas Vue.js is flexible and light but prefers speed over function.

    It is risky to find out lots of bugs as well as time-consuming. But the ream DOM inside Angular affects its performance and functional power to develop dynamic software applications. All these things result in slow execution of this JS framework. Advantages of Angular.JS:.

    · Broad community support as it is the oldest available framework for the app development. · Component-based structure, so all the components allow reuse. · Easy development in Angular. · There are lots of built-in functionalities and libraries.

    · Due to OOP it always needs good programmers having good programming knowledge. · It has the capability to disperse a single block into multiple blogs.

    Does Vue js have a future?

  6. Conclusion

    Features of AngularJS. This framework is packed with many big features for effective front-end development and helps developers to keep working on improvements and growing. There is a huge list of features of AngularJS.

    Let's check some of them here:. Ø High Modularity. It proceeds with the footprints of the MVC framework. Additionally, it includes many components for diverse functions.

    Developers are allowed to install every single module whenever required. In this manner, it removes the requirement to install the basic modules. Ø Single Page App Development. There are lots of SPA features supported by AngularJS.

    Key Differences Between Vue.js and Angular

  7. What are the tools available to build an Angular.js app?

    All the features make easier to develop and manage online forms. It also ensures providing effective results.

    With AngularJS developers can take more control in managing and maintaining validation abilities while developing single-page app development. In this manner, the entire procedure becomes easier to fulfil the requirements of the project.

    Ø Compartmentalized. With the expert developers, it is easy to create apps using Angular framework. The main reason behind this is that the framework splits the whole app into diverse components. After that developers can easily work and manage all these split components separately.

    When Is the Use of Vue.js Recommended?

  8. Related Blogs

    Additionally, it has separate files for the distinctive sections of development namely main logic and design. Also, with the Compartmentalization of work in separate components makes the whole web application development and deployment processes easy.

    Ø Massive Community Support. We know that Angular is the oldest framework developed by the web giant Google, so it offers enormous community support to the developers and also improving the framework itself. The developers available in the community support are experienced and capable to provide the best solutions for front end development. The community also calls IT companies and organize conferences, webinars across the globe in order to provide information on new changes and advancements in the industry.

    Ø Supports MVC Architecture. It is one of the best features of Angularjs helps in developing web applications.

    With the inclusion of MVC architecture, it becomes very comfortable to develop web apps which results in saving of time and efforts of the developers. With this framework, it is also possible to synchronize data automatically and in an efficient manner with less efforts.


Ø Dependency Injection.

When it comes to Angular then it is not only to components or elements. Dependency Injection is one of the important features related to this that makes it separate from other frameworks.

This tends to configurable dependencies. It can be termed as there will be no need for the developers in the presence of dependent apps or components to manually develop related dependent objects as the injector of the framework will develop and inject them in the code of the app.

Vue.js vs AngularJS Development in 2021

Ø Dual Data Binding. It is also a noticeable feature of Angularjs. It tends that any change in the web application will clearly impact the UI directly and the same will be done with backend.

  1. Why & When should you choose Angular.js?

    Dual data binding is easy with this framework as it developers can do it just with few code lines.

    It is also a feature-rich framework used for developing user interfaces or UIs. As an independent tool to creating UIs, it doesn't need any additional extension.

    Evan You created this framework and released in Feb 2014. It might be possible that not lost of companies are using this framework but it doesn't affect its popularity among the developers.

  2. 3. AngularJS vs. Vue.js: Angular.js has more resources and support, but Vue.js is catching up

    A lot of inclusive features of Vue always attract developers to use it for web development. It is easy to learn and integrate. Developers can use it for both complete single-page apps and represented components. Logical structure and component file layout are also included in this framework.

    Vuejs development for web apps doesn't ask for any extra libraries and deals with 2-way reactive data-binding.

  3. Frequently Asked Questions

    When it is ideal to choose Vue.js? · Supported by the community. · To build lightweight and small apps. · Highly flexible. · High performance and quick apps development.

    · Use it if you need to enter early in the market. · Easy migration from the existing framework however with limited resources. Vue.Js allows easy integration with distinctive libraries.

  4. Which one should you choose?

    It also has some good browser devtools extensions. These extensions help developers to check out the present condition of all the components and do the required changes.

  5. Usage Stats of JavaScript, Vue.js and AngularJS.

    Vue.Js is really small as compared with other frameworks. This results in high-speed performance and decreases the deployment time. It contains documentation, in this manner; it saves the time of developers in learning this front-end framework.

    For using Vue.Js developers can start their journey with the basics of HTML and JS because this framework implements HTML-based template designs.

  6. Difference Between Vue.js vs Angular

    Advantages of Vue.JS:. · All-inclusive documentation. · It offers faster performance because of the small size. · An easy learning curve.

    · Integration of other programming languages is easier. · It is the lightest framework. · Simple to work with Vue.Js. Features of Vue’s .

Basic Historical & Statistical Difference Between AngularJS vs Vue.JS

Computed Properties. This is termed as one of the best features of Vue.Js. It assists to know the changes made to the UI and do the required calculations and upgrades.

No additional coding is required to do all such things. Ø Easy Learning Curve. While learning or working Vue it is not required to learn other language or framework except for JS, unlike other frameworks like React and Angular.

  1. What are the key features of Vue.js?

    It helps to change the style, assign classes, assign or manipulate the values to HTML attributes along with binding directive known as v-bind accessible with Vue.Js.

    Vue.js provides HTML-based templates. It compiles and binds the templates into Virtual DOM Render functions.

  2. AngularJS Vs Vue.JS

    A web developer can easily make use of this function and can replace the templates using this render function if required. Ø Vue.js Library. React.Js and Angular.Js are indeed more suitable for developing large scale web applications but some of the things make Vue is a better choice from both of these frameworks.

  3. Who uses Vue JS?

    Like Redux in React have some disadvantages if used for the long term. Let’s check out Angularjs vs Vuejs comparison. Deployment Speed. Challenging deployment as it handles everything from project development to code optimization.

  4. 4. Vue.js vs AngularJS: Size and loading time

    Pre-coding structure allows quick deployment than other frameworks. It is ideal for start-ups. Coding in TypeScript. When you require both HTML, Typescript and JavaScript. Largest size in 500KB.

    Lightest at 80KB(Bundle size). Community Support. A wide community of supporters as well as professional developers.

  5. The Advantages of Vue.js

    Open-source project supported and sponsored via crowd-sourcing. A fully structure-based framework. Use it if you need separation of components.

    Migration is not easy with Angular.js because of major updates every six months. As 90% of the APIs remain the same so developers just need to utilize a migration helper tool to do the required changes.

  6. Features of Vue.js

    The number of jobs are same in both Angular.js and React.js. There is a slight difference in the job market of Vue. A deep learning curve. A small learning curve.

Vue.js and Angular Comparison Table

Developers just need basic programming knowledge . Best Suitable For. Feature-rich and large-size applications. Suitable for single-page and lightweight web application development.

What is Vue.JS?

Real DOM (Document Object Model)/ MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. Its model base is Virtual DOM and offers MVVM architecture. Ideal for developing web apps, native and hybrid apps. Ideal for started supporting native apps and advanced SPA.

Angular.js vs Vue.Js - Who wins the race? There is no debate on the importance and selection between Angular.Js and Vue.Js.

  • Every framework has its own pros and cons.

Angular can be your choice as a complete package and in terms of contributors. But its learning curve is deep and developers might take time to find out and resolve the errors.

  • So, it can be an ideal choice for the companies having a big team of developers using TypeScript.

Angular's main drawback is its size, startup time, and memory allocation capacity compared to VueJS. While Vue is the newest in the market and not has backing of big companies. But it works well than React and Angular in some manners.

  • Some of the big names like Baidu and Alibaba are using Vue as their primary UI framework.

Vue can be your ideal choice if you like flexibility and simplicity. You can choose any framework based on your project requirements. Do your research before working on any framework. Stats References:.

  • You won’t believe it, but there are around 24 JavaScript frameworks and approximately 83 libraries ‘fighting’ to get into your project.

Some of the JS frameworks are completely free, some are paid – but they all have one thing in common: They all want you to use their framework! In this blog, we will be discussing AngularJs vs.

  • vue.js, the two popular frameworks for web development.

These frameworks help to simplify the development effort for building large applications by providing features like data binding, architecture, testability, or sub-applications development.

  • Among these frameworks, two major front-end ones are AngularJS and Vue.js, which offer multiple possibilities to build complex web applications with ease.

But the question remains unanswered: Which frontend development tool is better, AngularJS or Vue.js? Well, to answer this question, we have stepped in to help by giving the point of view in this AngularJs vs.

Vue.js comparison to help you make the right decision when starting your next web development project. We have worked with several companies, and each one has its own needs, requirements, and preferred tools.

For this reason, the ‘best Javascript framework’ for you might not be the best one for others.

Let’s go through the main AngularJS and Vue.js features to find out which one fits best for your project:. While Angular.js, the Google-backed framework, has been at the top ranks since 2010.

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On the other hand, Vue.js, created by a former Google Employee, Evan You, in 2014, is a newcomer that has captured a high amount of interest from developers. This is what made it reach over 189k stars on Github in 2021.

It was the most popular front-end JavaScript framework in the year as per the rankings of best

  • Angular.js has been improving over the years through its updates in the form of Angular 2, 4, and 5.

Vue.js, though, claims to build upon everything that its competitor lacks or misses out on. As of 2021, Vue.js is used by 0.6% of all the websites, whereas 0.3% use Angular. Image Source: w3techs. Further, if you search both the terms on Google Trends for the past five years, you will find Vue.JS still dominates on the front.

  • Let’s have a look at some of the highlights which show how these two frameworks perform in web application development individually:.

Angular is based on a well-formed structure made out of heavy codes, and Vue.js is lighter and more flexible. This is because Angular has a large set of enclosed features that the developers can put to good use.

  • However, in most cases, most of these features and functions are not used for the application.

The Vue.js sheds a lot of weight by not having too many additional features in its main library. All features should be added through additional extensions, making it more modular than the Angular framework. But the well-built structure of Angular provides more scope for adding additional features to the application.

  • The lower size of Vue.js is perfect for implementation if an application doesn’t need a large set of functionalities.

At the same time, Angular.js can be rigid as compared to Vue.js since it is opinionated. This means that the developers must build the application in a way as intended by the framework. The latter provides more freedom for Vuejs developers in this aspect.

  • Considering all the advantages and quirks, Angular.js should be the best choice for dynamic projects that use most of the framework’s features.

In comparison, Vue.js would be better for small projects and other applications that prefer faster speed over greater functionality.

Angular.js uses Microsoft TypeScript along with Vanilla Javascript, which requires a steeper learning curve. While both Angular.js and Vue.js use HTML and CSS, the former use TypeScript, a superset of Javascript created by Microsoft. This means that developers must be familiar with the use of TypeScript if they are working with Angular.js, Or else they’ll have to learn it from scratch to make the best use of it for developing the application.

What is Angular?

Why AngularJS ?

Though it must be said that the learning curve is well worth the time and effort since TypeScript is in many ways superior to vanilla JavaScript in terms of functionality. At the same time, the advantage of Vue.js development services here is that it can be used to its full potential even with pure JavaScript.

Is AngularJS better than Vue JS?

This eliminates the need for developers to have additional background knowledge. Angular.js has more community support as compared to Vue.js. However, the increasing popularity of Vue.js has led to an increase in community support. The ever-increasing number of stars on Github is a testament to the same.

3. Vue.js vs AngularJS: Based on Performance

Though one minor criticism with Vue.js has been that its ecosystem is broader in the Chinese regions, this has led to differences in communication due to a higher amount of Chinese developers within the community.

Is Vue similar to AngularJS?

— Angular.js has a comprehensive set of functions and an opinionated structure. This makes it more suitable for large-scale, dynamic, and real-time applications such as instant messaging and chat apps. — It’s highly appropriate for cross-platform mobile development and Enterprise applications.

What is Vue.js?

— Angular.js is based on HTML syntax rather than SPA (Single Page Application). It removes the necessity of writing long codes, and it’s effortless to maintain. — Angular was built with testing in mind, so it has an extensive set of test rules that can be used for verifying your code.

— Apart from front-end development, Angular.js is also frequently used with Node.js, WEB APIs, and Ionic for cross-platform application development.

— This modern framework can be seamlessly integrated with any web technology like .NET, Ruby on Rails, or PHP platforms through RESTful JSON service APIs.

— It’s a complete MVC framework, and the significant features include two-way data binding, directives, controllers, user-friendly services, and routing mechanisms.

These components can help you build dynamic websites with no effort at all. — It provides modules that are used to organize code into manageable chunks. This means that you can easily reuse, update, and maintain your web applications.