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While Vue 3 is out, many supporting libraries around Vue 3 are still in beta status:. All of our official libraries and tools now support Vue 3, but most of them are still in beta status and distributed under the next dist tag on NPM.
We are planning to stabilize and switch all projects to use the latest dist tag by end of 2020.
Read more in the Introduction for Vue 3 support for the first-party Vue libraries. We’d highly recommend checking out Laracast’s What’s New in Vue 3 series, which goes into hands-on examples of Vue 3 concepts such as Vite, the new composition API, fragments (multiple-root nodes), teleport, and many exciting features made possible in Vue 3.
Vue 3 is now officially out!
Here's what new.
— Laracasts (@laracasts) September 18, 2020.
For those using Typescript, this series also covers using TypeScript in Vue 3, which is substantially better than TypeScript support in Vue 2.
Vue Mastery also has a free Intro to Vue 3 course, along with a focused Vue 3 Composition API series.
You can read the Introduction documentation in the migration guide for a deeper dive on all of the new features Vue 3 has to offer as well and how to upgrade applications from Vue 2.
Lastly, check out the release notes on GitHub for a quick overview of what Vue 3 has to offer.
Congrats to the Vue.js team on the launch!
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Modified6 months ago. I created an app with vue-cli and then I build the dist folder for production.
The app is deployed on IIS with flask backend and works fine.
The problem occurs when I have to make some changes and I have to redo the deployment.
After this, users call me because app doesn't work but if I clear the chrome cache, the app works fine again.
How can I fix this problem? Is there a method to clear chrome cache automatically when I release a new application version?
deployment: copy and paste folder dist on IIS.
if files in dist folder are correct, maybe the problem is in axios cache?
i have make some changes also to rest apis.
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