Vue Script Setup Name

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I have been doing a lot of Vue.js in the last 6 months and I need to say Vue is awesome.
I am coming from “React ❤️ world” but with the release of Vue 3 and composition API, writing code in Vue or writing code in React is pretty much the same.

What I want to share today is a RFC that will bring even more love for Vue from React world. What is script setup ? What are we talking about here ? We talk about a compile step for script tag to improve the authoring experience when using the Composition API inside Single File Components.

Lot’s of words 😄, let me give you an example.

Let’s say we have this component:.

As you can see we have our count ref and we export it to the template by return it in the setup() method. This is pretty clear when you have few exports or one function but when the component becomes bigger and you have 10 exports or more that return becomes BIG 🤯 pretty fast.

  • name
  • inheritAttrs
  • This is where script setup can help, you don’t need to return anything or use setup function.

The code looks much cleaner and nice. Isn’t that a piece of beauty ?

Just export what you use in template using export keyword and you are done.

But what convinced me to use this and made me love this even more is the integration with Typescript, look at next example and how you define your props:.

Welcome script setup