Vue Store Dispatch

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How to use global state or variable in Vue.js.

We love Reactjs, but it is indeed too complex when you need to call a global variable.

So can Vue.js make it more simple than redux?

Let’s have a look together! First I want you to have a basic understanding of Vue, you need to know how to use Vue CLI to create an empty project.

Then you have to understand the basic structure of a Vue project, I mean template, script, CSS.

Finally, I need you to take a look at


You should put every asynchronous operation in it, for example: fetch API . In the previous article in this series we discussed what a store is, why it's useful, and when it's a good time to implement one.

With those principles in mind, we can now look into how to implement a store with Vuex. Vuex is the official store library and state management pattern for Vue.js.

It has the advantage of being the first store for Vue and thus has been used in thousands of projects by thousands of developers all over the world and is time tested to be effective.