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Vue's v-bind syntax supports dynamically binding classes via anobject syntax. You can conditionally bind multiple classes, and use the : shorthand for v-bind::. The value you bind to class with v-bind can be a string, not just anobject.

For example, you can store the class name in a data string:. Another neat approach is to use the ternary operator to decide which class the element will have:.

Binding HTML Classes

You can also bind the class to an array. Vue will then combine allelements in the array to form the final class binding.

Array Syntax

This lets youmix and match string and object syntax in one declaration:.

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Conditional class names in Vue.js

Modified5 years, 1 month ago. I am trying to assign a css class to a span element, whenver it push the EDIT button.

This is my working example in jsfiddle: . BUT it only works, because I check if the title property of the edited object is equal to the title property of the todo object, instead I'd rather check if the two objects are equal.

1st way

Unfortunately this breaks my code, whenever I have the same property (e.g.

titles) but different objects. Instead I would like to do something like this, where I check todoeditedTodo.

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Non Working Jsfiddle: How do I check if todo is equal with editedTodo. AND is there a better way, to use the v-class directive, instead of using inline expressions, meaning for more complicated calculations?

Vue slots syntax with v-slot directive

It seems to work fine in the todomvc example here:.
Line 23:
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104104 bronze badges. Here is how you can do it based on the documentation.
You define a boolean variable in your js file and based on that it will set the class.
you can also define an object with class namesjs file. You define the "name of the class" variable in your js file and based on the nameOfTheClass it will set the class.
You can set the name of the class in js and then evaluate with if statement in html file.
js file data: { nameOfTheClass: 'this-is-the-name-of-class' }.
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