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Let us learn the differences between Vue.JS vs React.JS. Vue.JS is an MVC framework, whereas React.js is a JavaScript library for building web apps. Vue.JS has flexible and customized templates, which will ease development, whereas React.js has component-based and is not having a template feature to customize any kind of functionality.

Let us learn the differences between VUe.JS vs React.Js:. Below is the Top 9 Comparisons Between Vue.JS vs React.JS. Both Vue.JS vs React.JS are popular choices in the market; let us discuss some of the major differences :.

Vue.JS has less number of contributors on Github, whereas React.js has a number of contributors on Github. Vue.JSs is smaller, faster, flexible, and lightweight, whereas React.js is also lightweight and flexible but not smaller compared to Vue.

Vue.JS is easier for smaller applications development, whereas React.js is helpful in developing large and complex web applications development and supports different third-party libraries and packages externally.

Vue.JS is not well suited for mobile apps development, whereas React.js has good documentation and is well suited for mobile apps development through its associated React Native library.

Vue.JS is mainly based on the MVVM pattern, and sometimes people say MVC, but in any case, it supports multiple layers of development, whereas React.js supports and concentrates only on the view layer of web application development and has the main benefit of server-side rendering by rendering pages on a server using virtual DOM concept and provides efficient testing frameworks and reliability.

Vue.JS has the main benefit of working with Forms in HTML content, and its collateral binding is an important feature, whereas React.js has a lot of complications in using the event model system.

Vue.JS provides greater performance than other platforms and provides the best speed-performing applications, whereas React.js works on the principle of one-directional data flow, which makes the code stable. As you can see, there are many Comparison between Vue.JS vs React.JS Let’s look at the top Comparison between Vue.JS vs React.JS below –.

Vue.JS vs React.JS both work on the concept of the Virtual DOM model.

For smaller applications, Vue,.js has shorter syntax and build configuration compared to React.js, and in Vue.js, the action is required as a mandatory field in its HTML content, whereas it is not in the case of React.

Vue.js written apps can easily and directly be run on a browser without any transpilation, whereas React.js apps need transpilation to support different versions of ECMAScript. React.js offers both web and mobile applications support where React Native is the mobile applications development library without any learning curve if worked on React.

The disadvantage of Vue.js is that it cannot track the change or editing of data in the fields and deletion of the data, which is a drawback compared to React. The processes in Vue.js will work faster as the size of the library is less, which requires less time to load and, in turn, increases the speed and performance.

In the case of larger and complex apps, React.js will perform well as it supports different state management libraries to address the solutions for highly complex applications and ultra-rich web applications.

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What Are the Advantages of React?

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Here we also discuss the Vue.JS vs React.JS key differences with infographics and comparison table. You may also have a look at the following React.JS vs Vue.JS articles to learn more –.

●October 20, 2021● 3 min read. In a recent interview, Manaf, a software developer at, shared his views on a much-debated topic: Vue vs. He highlighted the fundamental differences and similarities between the two front-end frameworks.

JavaScript front-end frameworks like Vue.JS and React have seen an exponential rise in the past few years. As a result, developers around the globe have been using these frameworks for web development. While developers mostly use React to work on the view layer for both mobile and web applications, Vue.js is used to build various web interfaces and one-page applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

React: How do the two frameworks differ from each other? Manaf highlighted the following points while comparing Vue vs.

In general, Vue.js focuses on the activity, and React focuses on immutability. According to immutability, each object should be mutated, and unidirectional data should go from up to down to the components.

What Companies Use Vue?

In React, you have to call an API, assign the results and separate them into the state. On the other hand, as a component framework for building web applications, Vue.js does most of the work in the background, and developers don’t have to worry about repetitive tasks. React is a library.

What Is So Special About the Vue Language?

You need to tell it what to do and manage all the aspects of this library. For instance, if you are using a Redux, you will have to add a middleware to the Redux, and then you have to add middleware for the APIs to manage the correct data flow.

While in Vue.js, you don’t have to perform this task as it is already operating in the background. TypeScript supports JSX and can correctly model the patterns used in React codebases like useState.

Vue vs. React: Similarities between the two

You just need to have a good understanding of React along with familiarity with TypeScript Types. Using React with TypeScript, the code becomes much easier to read and use. It also becomes easier to define Prop types, among others. React is better to use with TypeScript because if you are passing data from component to component, you need to ensure that the child component is a type of the parent component.

This language helps developers to avoid problems like mistyping. For example, you send an object from the parent to the child component and while the child is expecting a string.

What is React?

This coding may lead to a runtime error. TypeScript gives you a solid frame for the data flow application, which helps in avoiding such situations. And hence, you should use it. Vue.js is great for building a single-page application or a progressive web application.

Vue.js has an easy learning curve, and it focuses on the UI. Thus you don’t have to think much about the UI part. If you are planning to develop an application with easy testing and debugging, then use React.

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React provides high performance for video streaming platforms. React performs efficiently with a large amount of data and UIs and a lot of interactivity with the users. Both the frameworks enable writing front-end with JavaScript. They both make use of Virtual DOM. React.js has Redux, and Vue.js has Vuex, a state management pattern + library for Vue.js applications and used in the same way as Redux. From a search engine optimized application point of view, React has Next.js while Vue has Nuxt.js .

Both the frameworks use component structures. There is no clear answer as to which framework overpowers the other in the Vue vs. Both frameworks play a vital role in web app development and have their advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, the framework that a developer chooses depends on the type of project they are handling and how a particular framework will help them achieve the goals for that project.

No matter what your choice is in the Vue vs.

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Just choose Vue, nothing else. The React ecosystem has gotten so sloppy with all it’s hook garbage littering code bases. Plus at this point it’s really just an anti pattern of treating functions like classes when you should just be using classes to begin with.

At least Vue provides a more class based structure without the over-engineered structure that Angular has.

Vue.js, as well as React.js, have become toolkit frameworks built on JavaScript. They aid in the creation of dynamic software systems. According to their theory, the entire user interface is data, as well as every change results in additional functionality.

These processes are used to update certain site blocks, also known as user interface components. Elements are elements of JavaScript and HTML code organized into one file in Vue.js and React.js. The elements follow similar hierarchical concepts, with adults and caregivers passing data back and forth. Vue.js (prominent “view”) is an accessible prototype front-end JavaScript toolkit for creating interface design and single-page websites.

What Are the Disadvantages of Vue?

Advantages and Disadvantages of React


Evan, You designed it, and he and the remainder of the current group members keep it up to date. Vue.js has a gradually flexible design and concentrates on declarative graphics and components assembly.


Vue.js allows you to expand HTML with guidelines, which are HTML characteristics that provide the capability to HTML programs.

What Are the Disadvantages of React?