Vue3 Defineprops Withdefault

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I've trying to set the default value of a prop to a locale value using i18n.

Wenfang Du

I've tried the following but this gives me an error:. defineProps are referencing locally declared variables. What's the best way to handle this? 2525 bronze badges. 1,50311 gold badge1515 silver badges3535 bronze badges. 1515 silver badges3535 bronze badges.

defineProps is a compiler macro, so you can't use any runtime values within it. I'd suggest to use a local variable for this default:. Also described here in the last bullet point:

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JavaScript 52篇. Vue 3 introduced us to the Composition API - a different way of handling reactive data using ref and reactive in Vue.js.



It received a lot of positive feedback but also some concerns about the verbosity of the Composition API usage inside SFCs.