Vue3 Emit Update

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定义 props:{name: String}更新:$emit('update:name', 'xxxxx')调用组件时::name.sync="name". 定义:props:{name: String},emits:['update:name'],更新:$emit('update:name', 'xxxxx')调用组件时:v-model:name="name"参考分页控件.

这里我们可以封装一个函数用来快速赋值 reactive,并且页面会响应。代码如下:. 发生错误的原因是vue.config中的publicPath配置成了 '/'1.解决办法 修改vue.config中的publicPath:"./".

Where to go from here

Modified1 year, 1 month ago. So I'm trying to build a component in Vue 3 that acts as a form, and in order for the data to be processed by the parent I want it to emit an object with all the inputs on change. The issue I'm having is that I don't seem to be able to call $emit from within watch() (probably because of the context, but I also don't see why the component-wide context isn't passed by default, and it doesn't accept this).

I also cannot call any method because of the same reason. I do see some people using the watch: {} syntax but as I understand it that is deprecated and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me either.

Here's a minimal example of what I'm trying to accomplish. Whenever the input date is changed, I want the component to emit a custom event. 133133 bronze badges. Don't mix between option and composition api in order to keep the component consistent, the emit function is available in the context parameter of the setup hook::.

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