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How Vue.js refs work

  • Hello vue devs in this example i am going to discuss about vue 3 refs example with many example with source code so that you can understand better.
  • This template refs is only available in vue 3 version.

Getting DOM elements in Vue.js

So you will learn from this tutorial about vue refs details. You can ask that why vue refs? What is the purpose of using this?

Ok, let me clear about all of those questions.

From the vue 3 official docs we can say that despite the existence of props and events, sometimes you might still need to directly access a child component in JavaScript.

What is Vue.js?

To attain it we can assign a reference ID to the child component or HTML element using the ref attribute.

See the DOM in Vue apps exactly how a user does

For example what we did before? And our vue code is. But what if we add refs in html element? Look adding a ref attribute to any html element within the template, we can refer to these elements on Vue instance.

More clearly, we can access the DOM elements.