Vue3 Json Viewer

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A Vue3 component that displays JSON in a collapsible tree.

Inspired by vue-json-component and vue-json-tree-view to work with Vue3 and TypeScript.

selected(event: {key: string, value: unknown, path: string}].

Simple JSON viewer component, for Vue.js 2 or 3.
copy-pasta and customize this SCSS template:.

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Typescript support a vue3-json-view lib which can better show. This project is heavily inspired by the following awesome projects.

MIT License © 2021-PRESENT caoyugang_1.


If the /api is only on the dev server you can create a vue.config.js file in the app root folder.

With this files when I run npm run serve, I get the json object when navigating to /api and my regular app otherwise.

Pascal GanayePascal Ganaye

The following code shows how to show json result with Vue 3

  • Display a stringified json object inside a