Vue3 Json

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(fork vue-json-editor - credits original: A json editor of vue.js. Module ESM: Yes.

Data in a local JSON file

#1 Create the Project with the Vue CLI

PropsRequiredParam TypeDefault valueDescription
datafalseStringJSON string to display the tree
rootKeyfalseString"/"Top root-level name
maxDepthfalseNumber1The depth of the tree that will be open when rendered
colorSchemefalseString"light""light" or "dark" can be used.

#3 Create the Weather Component

  • v-model´╝Übind the [json object]:show-btns: boolean, show the save button, default: true:expandedOnStart: boolean, expand the JSON editor on start for the modes 'tree', 'view', and 'form', default: false:mode: string, default: tree:lang: string, default: [email protected]: on json [email protected]: on json [email protected]: on error.

#5 Display the Raw JSON Data on the Web Page