Vue3 Setup Watch Props

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to watch props for changes in Vue.js.

When you pass data as a prop to a component it will be updated reactively.

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What am I missing here? I am using Vue 3 + Vite.



This is not working. But if I don’t destructure it then it works.


Object (if the value is object), which is also reactive. Value (integer for example) which cannot be reactive by itself.

And destructuring is just value assigment:. You can use toRefs as described in docs. Now modelValue is ref so it can be passed as first argument of watch (no need to for a function) and in most places you must use modelValue.Value to get it's value.

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If you take a look at watch typing here (last bullet) its clear the first argument of watch can be array, function or Ref. props passed to setup function is reactive object (made probably by reactive()), it's properties are getters. So what you doing is passing the value of the getter as the 1st argument of watch - string "initial" in this case. Because Vue 2 $watch API is used under the hood, you are effectively trying to watch non-existent property with name "initial" on your component instance.