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Build beautiful user experiences with customizable and expansive layout options. The following sections assume you have created a new Vuetify application using Vue CLI and have a basic understanding of Vue, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Find more information on installing Vuetify with Vue CLI on our Installation page. Vuetify comes with a built-in layout system that just works out of the box. Components such as v-app-bar and v-footer support a special property named app.

This property tells Vuetify that the corresponding component is part of your application’s layout.

  • In this section you will learn the basics of how the layout system works, how to combine multiple layout components, and how to change them all dynamically.
  • There are 2 primary layout components in Vuetify, v-app and v-main.
  • The v-app component is the root of your application and a direct replacement for the default Vue entrypoint,
  • The v-main component is a semantic replacement for the main HTML element and the root of your application’s content.
  • When Vue mounts to the DOM, any Vuetify component that is part of the layout registers its current height and/or width with the framework core.
  • The v-main component then takes these values and adjusts its container size.
  • To better illustrate this, let’s create a basic Vuetify layout:.
  • With no layout components in the template, v-main doesn’t need to adjust its size and instead takes up the entire page.
  • Let’s change that by adding a v-app-bar above the v-main element:.

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Because we gave v-app-bar the app prop, Vuetify knows that it is part of the layout. v-main then takes the registered height of our bar and removes the same amount from its available content area—in this case 64px of space is removed from the top of v-main's container. Vuetify has multiple pre-made layouts called wireframes that are used to scaffold an application’s UI regions.

As a final touch, let’s add a gutter by wrapping the content in a v-container component:.

Up next, we take our newly established baseline and enhance it with new layout components and customization options.

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