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This is an add-on of VueUse, providing integration wrappers for utility libraries.

useAxios — wrapper for axios. useChangeCase — wrapper for change-case. useCookies — wrapper for universal-cookie. useDrauu — reactive instance for drauu. useFocusTrap — reactive wrapper for focus-trap. useFuse — easily implement fuzzy search using a composable on top of the zero-dependency library Fuse.js.

useJwt — wrapper for jwt-decode. useNProgress — reactive wrapper for nprogress. useQRCode — wrapper for qrcode. For better tree-shaking result, import functions from submodules, for example:.


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MIT License © 2019-PRESENT Anthony Fu.

Collection of essential Vue Composition Utilities. Interactive docs & demos. Seamless migration: Works for both Vue 3 and 2.

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Fully tree shakeable: Only take what you want, bundle size.

useHead(head: HeadObject | Ref)

Type Strong: Written in TypeScript, with TS Docs. No bundler required: Usable via CDN. Flexible: Configurable event filters and targets. Optional Add-ons: Router, Firebase, RxJS, etc. Refer to functions list or documentations for more details.

🎩 From v4.0, it works for Vue 2 & 3 within a single package by the power of vue-demi!

Add ons | Nuxt Module. From v6.0, VueUse requires vue >= v3.2 or @vue/composition-api >= v1.1.

It will be exposed to global as window.VueUse. See the Contributing Guide. This project is heavily inspired by the following awesome projects.

And thanks to all the contributors on GitHub!

renderHeadToString(head: Head)

  • MIT License © 2019-PRESENT Anthony Fu.

Render the head manager instance to HTML tags in string form.

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