Vuex Computed Property

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Computed properties in Vue let you perform complex operations or data formatting while maximizing performance with dependency calculations that only update the view when a dependency changes.

This feature is synchronous. However, the vue-async-computed package allows you to create and consume asynchronous computed properties in your components by binding the resolved value of a Promise to a component property. To complete this tutorial, you will need:. Node.js installed locally, which you can do by following How to Install Node.js and Create a Local Development Environment.

Some familiarity with setting up a Vue.js project and using Vue.js components may be beneficial. Some familiarity with Promise, async, and await. This tutorial was verified with Node v15.10.0, npm v7.6.0, vue v2.6.11, and vue-async-computed v3.9.0.

To quickly set up the project, this article will recommend using @vue/cli.


Note: This article will take the approach of using npx to avoid a global installation of @vue/cli;. Navigate to the newly created project directory;. vue-async-computed can be installed through npm with the following command:.