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Creativity in design happens in every aspect of identifying new, trend-setting materials. Architects and designers cannot overlook any opportunity in realizing their vision. Let your imagination soar with Fundermax exterior products. Our unique offering of HPL compact panels provides durable, attractive alternatives to traditional exterior building cladding.

Protect your buildings for their lifespans while making a powerful declaration of style and performance. Inspire building owners with shape, color, and material that tell your design story while meeting creative and performance requirements and expectations. Suitable for a myriad of applications, Fundermax exterior products attributes include:.

Weather resistance; suitable for any climate. Lightfast; high level of UV stability. Double-hardened surfaces. Scratch and abrasion-resistant. Highly impact resistant. Solvent resistant. Ease of installation. Give your building character and innovation with Fundermax HPL compact panels, also known as phenolic panels.

Through the use of digital graphics technology, Individualdécor offers custom imaging for corporate identity, landmark features, maps, sports logos, and more.

Why Walco is the Best Source for Wall Cladding Products

Add nuance, performance, and design opportunities. Architectural HPL panels create visual interest in cladding, balcony panels, dividers and floors, privacy screens and sunshades, pool decks and anti-slip walking surfaces, and outdoor furniture.

Endless Possibilities with Phenolic Panels/Cladding

Want a unique look? As an interesting alternative to standard exterior cladding, our natural panels provide a wood-like appearance to your structure. When it comes to design, buildings must have curb appeal. That appeal must be measured against performance and compliance. Fundermax can offer all three. Fundermax has invested heavily in providing sophisticated visual and tactile experiences with our products, balanced with performance and compliance. Fundermax allows you to make product selections that reflect on nature's sturdy power, strong accents, and provide calm and harmony.


In contrast, Fundermax stone and abstract decors offer excitement, structure, and contemporary design. Whatever the design story is, Fundermax has the aesthetic to compliment it. Fundermax believes in and embraces environmental responsibility. Every process demands careful consideration of environmental impact, from raw material procurement to manufacturing and disposal of waste materials.

Fundermax panels contribute to LEED in several categories. The focus Fundermax places on our environment means you are making an environmentally responsible choice when specifying our products.

You’ve seen it on many new commercial buildings: usually as large rectangular panels with hidden joints, giving the building a tiled, flush appearance.

Balancing Compliance, Cost, and Performance Without Compromise

But it comes in more forms than you might expect. It’s a relatively new exterior feature, and it serves many important functions. We’ll cover what it can be made out of, what it is meant to do, and even a bit of the history behind it. We’re going to go in-depth on exterior wall cladding panels. Those panels have more than one job. They insulate the building, helping to regulate internal temperature and contribute to energy efficiency, and they create a unique and thoroughly modern look in most applications.

Sustainable, Flexible Exterior Panel Solutions with Fundermax

But more importantly, these panels protect buildings from the many environmental stresses they face, like rain, UV radiation, and wind. These kinds of panels are the external part of an exterior wall system called rainscreen cladding. Although this post should be informative, it may not address absolutely everything you’ve ever wanted to know about wall cladding systems.

Rainscreen Materials

We’re always available to talk more about anything you’re in the market for and to help you find the right fit. Get in touch if there’s anything you want to know more about your rainscreen options.

Rainscreen cladding is an exterior feature of buildings that prevents water and moisture from penetrating the building envelope. It is a system with three parts: the external cladding, the ventilated air gap behind that, and the water-resistant barrier attached directly to the frame of the building.


Cladding repels water with panels or other weatherproof external layers, while also draining and evaporating water that enters the air gap.

Although it is primarily functional and insulative, cladding also contributes to bold and aesthetically pleasing facades. Although it is a relatively new sight in the United States, rainscreen cladding has been used in Canada and Europe for decades.

Take a Look at All Your Options

Having originated in Scandinavia in the 60’s, it is a relatively new and modern architectural option. There are a range of materials available that are suitable for rainscreen cladding. Here are just a few examples. An extremely durable and long-lasting material, fiberboard makes for cladding that is heavy and somewhat expensive but will stand up to bugs, fire, rot and nearly everything else. Cement board offers the performance, aesthetic flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to be a go-to cladding material for architects and builders.

The Most Popular Composite Wall Cladding Applications

The extrusion process creates concrete panels that are very thin but strong, an ideal material for rainscreen cladding. For a great read on why these panels are so well-fitted to rainscreen cladding, check out this article from Architectural Record. Looking for the best solution to your cladding and rain screen needs?

Create Your Best with Max Compact Exterior Façade Cladding Products

We can help with high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Let’s talk about what’s best for your project. One of the advantages of rainscreen cladding is that it can be made from a wide range of materials. Metal, stone, wood, and synthetic polymers are all likely candidates for paneling, offering different aesthetic and functional qualities.

A chance for Unifloor to protect and beautify your wall.

Aside from aesthetics and exterior design, architects and designers may choose one material over another for any number of reasons from costs to environmental concerns to ease of maintenance or installation. There are also finishes available for synthetic panels that resemble natural materials like bamboo or sandstone, meaning that rainscreen cladding can achieve the functionality and cost of synthetics with the aesthetic appeal of natural materials.


The possibilities that come with exterior panels can make the choice a complicated one for some building projects, especially when there are multiple high-priority considerations to be made when selecting materials.

The Many Materials Exterior Panels Are Made Of

Each material has qualities that make it unique, and more or less appropriate depending on specific project requirements. You can learn more about some of these unique qualities from this post as well.

Composite cladding vs. vinyl cladding, which is better?

From natural materials like stone to composite materials and synthetics, we’ll break down some of the most common materials used in commercial wall panels. Synthetic materials offer the possibility of designing panels that resemble other materials without the associated drawbacks, giving architects more design flexibility against other project requirements.

Fiber Cement

Some of the possibilities are synthetic brick, bamboo, stone, or tile. Even with the wealth of available cladding options, fiber cement panels often stand out for their capacity to fulfill all the many needs of builders when it comes to architectural cladding that is affordable, attractive, easy-to-install, and effective.


Learn more about this amazing material with an article from Architectural Record. Tile and other ceramic panels can create some of the most visually striking facades around, with a range of colors and patterns available.

High Density Polyurethane

Ceramic is a very low maintenance, environmentally friendly option. One of the strongest and most versatile natural materials available is stone. From sandstone to slate, these panels are durable and unique, though they can come at a high price. Few materials have more modern visual appeal than metal, which can come in a wide range of finishes.


Steel is the most common material used for metal panels, although copper, aluminum, titanium, and zinc are also used.

  • Find out more about the different types of exterior metal wall panels in this post.
  • The simple, stark look of concrete without the heavy machinery, scaffolding, and labor-intensive installation.
  • Another natural material with unparalleled visual appeal is wood, which when treated properly, can stand up to the elements surprisingly well.
  • Glass paneling and glass curtain walls bring the benefits of daylighting to the exterior walls of a building.
  • The reflective properties of glass can also create striking facades.
  • Learn more about effective daylighting and the kinds of skylights available for commercial building projects.
  • The most important thing to get right every time is compliance.
  • No matter what, It’s never cost-effective to do it over.


The first step is keeping up to date on changes in codes and building ordinances. From reading the latest publications to attending legislature meetings, there are plenty of opportunities to stay up to date.



When shopping for materials, it’s important to look for the greatest value rather than the lowest price. It’s never cost-effective to do it over. Look for materials that offer value in the form of high performance, durability, or other factors. Making a value-oriented decision can help you build something that lasts and doesn’t have you returning to a job site when you weren’t planning to.

When you shop for materials, be sure to choose the right vendors. Good vendors will help you fully consider your options and they’ll prioritize getting you the right product for your job.

Cement Board

The best vendors will help you increase the value of your project with deals, offers, and more. Building relationships with vendors is one of the best things you can do to help yourself consistently find the best value and the right materials for your commercial building projects.

Extruded Concrete

Our relationships with some of the best vendors of building materials on the commercial building market help us remain an outstanding partner to contractors.



We leverage our vendor relationships to come up with effective solutions to the problems contractors frequently face. We put the time and care into these relationships that you won’t find anywhere else. When you work with us, you get the benefit of these unique relationships to help you overcome challenges resulting from budget, conflicting project requirements, and more.


At Walco, we also follow changes in building codes with a laser focus. Compliance is one of the most important parts of what we do, and we enjoy knowing the finest details of it.


Suwanee City Hall – Suwanee, GA

We’re always available to discuss recent or upcoming changes, and how they will affect builders. If you want to reduce your costs or just your headaches for the next project you’re working on, Walco is the partner you need.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. We’re looking forward to talking with you. WPC (wood plastic composite) cladding, sometimes referred to as exterior wall panels, also called eco-friendly composite wall panels, is a decoration used on the exterior of a building (such as a patio) to beautify and protect it.

National Constitution Center – Philadelphia, PA

WPC wall panel is more attractive than traditional exterior cladding because of its eco-friendly features and beautiful appearance. Unifloor composite cladding is waterproof, moisture and insect resistant. The outdoor wall panels won’t decay or warp, so it requires low maintenance instead of special treatment. Our outside wall panels are made of recycled plastic and fibers of wood in various colors.

The cladding wall paneling is suitable for installing vertically or horizontally. As one of the biggest wood plastic composite wall cladding suppliers in China, Unifloor is professional in service, reasonable in price and fast in delivery in order to achieve mutual success. Our exterior wall board is available in a range of 8 colors:. Wpc Composite Wall Panel Greatwall Lightgrey. Wpc General Wall Panel Embossing Wood. Wpc Capped Wall Panel Wood. Wpc Capped Wall Panel Cedar. WPC Wall Cladding Lightgrey.

WPC Wall Cladding Capped. Wpc Composite Wall Panel Greatwall Redwood. Wpc Composite Wall Panel Greatwall Cedar.

USS Arizona Memorial Visitors Center Complex – Pearl Harbor, HI

Wpc Capped Wall Panel Wood. Wpc Composite Wall Panel Greatwall Wood. Size:156*21mm,177*31mm,210*21mm,225*17mm,212*19mm,219*26mm,222*26mm or customized. Material: 30%HDPE(Grade A Recycled HDPE)+ 60% Wood fiber component + 10% chemical additives. Thickness:17mm,19mm,21mm,26mm,31mm etc. Recycling: 100% Recycling.

Pro Football Hall of Fame – Canton, OH

Profile: Solid/Square Hollow/Great Wall Panel. Color: Cedar, charcoal, chocolate, coffee, grey, light gray, red wood, wood, or customized.

Smithsonian Museum of American History – Washington, DC

Surface Treatment: Brushed or Sanding. Application: Patio, houses, exterior wall, garden room, roof, residential, outdside of building, etc.

Royal British Columbia Museum – Victoria, British Columbia

MOQ: 200M2 per design & color. Accessories: Joist,L angle strip,screw,expansion screw. Service life: 15 years,Dimensional Stability. Certificates: FSC, CE, ISO 90012008, SGS. Maintenance: Requires no painting, no glue, low maintenance.

911 Museum – New York, NY

Packaging: We use PE film and wood pallet & panel to package. Eco-friendly materials which can be recycled for more than 99% will be widely used for environment consideration in present time.


Multiple selections up to 8 kinds of natural colors and fashion decoration styles. Considerate protection with anti-slip grooves on one side even in the wettest weather. Jet cleaning or simple hose flushing is enough to maintain.

Shawnee Mission Hospital – Shawnee Mission, KS

Long warranty for 15 years with high strength, high specification, 100% quality certification, waterproof. There is no need to worry about cracking, twisting, bending, warping or rotting. Easy to assemble without any professional installers or tools. Guarantee certificate from Unifloor.

Niswonger Children’s Hospital – Johnson City, TN

We provide Hi-tech and Eco-friendly composite cladding for worldwide customers. If our standard size or color do not perfectly match your needs, we also offer custom service. High quality and beautiful wood grain,looks very naturally. Good supplier,deliver on time,I recommend to buy. Quality is same as supplier promised,very easy to install,I really like this wall cladding. Composite cladding vs.

North Collier Hospital – Naples, FL

vinyl cladding, which is better? Max Compact Exterior. US StockSolidsWoodgrainsStoneAbstractMetal Use color categories to select and order samples.

Jenna Welch Women’s Center – Midland, TX

NT Matte Finish GR: 110 ¼" X 51 3/16" (2800 X 1300mm)JU: 161 3/8" X 51 3/16" (4100 X1300mm)SP: 110 ¼" X 73" (2800 X 1854mm)XL: 161 3/8" X 73" (4100 X 1854mm) NG Gloss and NY Sky Finish JU: 161 3/8" X 51 3/16" (4100 X1300mm) NH Hexa Finish XL: 161 3/8" X 73" (4100 X 1854mm).

Axelrod Pavilion – Clearwater, FL

GR: 110 ¼" X 51 3/16" (2800 X 1300mm). JU: 161 3/8" X 51 3/16" (4100 X1300mm). SP: 110 ¼" X 73" (2800 X 1854mm). XL: 161 3/8" X 73" (4100 X 1854mm). JU: 161 3/8" X 51 3/16" (4100 X1300mm). XL: 161 3/8" X 73" (4100 X 1854mm). NT-1/4"(6mm) to 1/2"(13mm) NG-5/16"(8mm), 3/8"(10mm), 15/32"12mm) NY- 1/4"(6mm), 5/16"(8mm) NH- 1/4"(6mm) to 13/16" (20mm). Rainscreen façadeSoffitsSunshades / LouversBalconiesFurniture and other exterior applications.


Talking Stick Casino and Resort – Scottsdale, AZ

BrochuresSystem DetailsSustainabilityWarrantyCode Compliance/TestingSafety Data Sheets. Make a great impression the moment people set eyes on your building's exterior. Don't leave any surface unattended. Our high-pressure laminate (HPL) panels ensure design flexibility and offer the durability you need for exterior designs.

Silver Star Casino – Philadelphia, MS

Max Compact Exterior panels are manufactured for a wide range of exterior applications including:. Rainscreen façades. Exterior phenolic cladding. Outdoor furniture. Don't compromise on product longevity to get the look you want!

Fundermax exterior phenolic wall panels come in a wide range of colors, surfaces, and materials. Code compliant and easy to install, these exterior HPL panels are also backed with an industry-leading warranty. Our Max Compact Exterior high-pressure laminate panels are in use globally in education, retail, healthcare, hospitality, multifamily residential, commercial office, transportation, sports facilities, and culture and community projects.

Mcdonald St. Paul Hotel – Sheffield, England

When it comes to designing for an exterior, high-quality is a prerequisite. You want a decorative façade that can meet extreme requirements. With Fundermax, you can also gain the peace of mind that you're working with a sustainability company. Max Compact Exterior cladding is manufactured from renewable raw materials.

Fundermax takes sustainability seriously. With our EPD, HPD, FSC, PEFC, and Greenguard Certificates we may contribute to LEED in a number of categories. Count on Fundermax for environmentally responsible, durable, high-quality products made from rapidly renewable raw materials. Our company's production facilities and processes also meet ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and EN 16001 standards.

Pacific Palms Resort – La Puente, CA

Individualize Your Exterior With Phenolic Paneling. As your local manufacturer of external cladding systems, OLAM® Clad is aware of some of the most common challenges which occur due to typical Australian weather conditions.

Embassy Suites – Downtown Houston, TX

For this reason, we partnered with renowned experts to design cladding solutions that will provide the much-needed exterior protection and add value to the building. We use non-combustible materials which are a much safer and better alternative in comparison to other cladding solutions, such as PVC.


McCarran Airport Terminal 3 – Las Vegas, NV

Due to this property, this material will not flame, ignite or burn and does not represent a fire hazard. We create exterior wall cladding panels from solid aluminium, which proved to be non-combustible, non-corrosive, sustainable, and lightweight.

Love Field Terminal Expansion – Dallas, TX

The products have also been thoroughly tested to withstand 3.5kPa wind loads. Furthermore, the fabrication options are versatile and offer unlimited design combinations for you to create a one-of-a-kind exterior. Over the years, we worked on developing unique external wall cladding systems and can today proudly say that we offer 15 extrusion cladding suits for you to choose from.

Orlando International Airport – Orlando, FL

Browse through our OLAM® Clad series and select the one that best meets your requirements:. The majority of our systems come with pre-defined dimensions, but should you need your exterior wall cladding panels custom-cut, send us an enquiry.

Kalamazoo Transit Center – Kalamazoo, MI

We also offer several finishing options so that you can go for the one that you find the most visually appealing. Finally, our external wall cladding systems feature inter-lockable clip-on technology which enables quick and easy installation, thus causing minimum disturbance to the surrounding area and reduces the cost of labour.


With OLAM® Clad, you get quality, safe, fast, lasting, and attractive solutions for your building. We offer exterior wall cladding solutions that are praised for their exceptional quality, functionality, and aesthetics. All our systems are non-combustible and fire retardant, and come with a 25-year warranty on colour, as well as a 30-year warranty on film integrity.

Curved Stone

OLAM® Clad external wall cladding systems are crafted with the attention to detail, using best-in-class materials. What is more, each product is thoroughly tested so that we are certain that they meet customer requirements and industry standards. Whether you wish to upgrade the current cladding system on your structure or you are looking for the best solution for a new building, rest assured that OLAM® Clad offers unparalleled quality and durability.

OLAM® Clad has set up offices in all major Australian cities - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide - so that you can get to us easily.

Balconies and Cantilevered Structures

You can call us on the phone or send us a message via email to get answers to any questions you may have about our external wall cladding systems.


StoneLite® panels lightweight properties reduces stress on the structure and can be installed typically by a two man team from a swing stage.

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The original high school building was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. When designing the new building they really wanted traditional dimensional stone but the design of the cornices put too much stress on the structure. StoneLite® was able to fabricate the exact cornice design at a fraction of the weight.

In 2012 while the building was under construction and a portion of the StoneLite® Indiana Standard Buff limestone panels were installed Hurricane Isaac hit the school. There was ZERO damage to the installed StoneLite® fabricated cornices. More than 36,000 sq. ft. of reinforced natural stone panels were installed.

The StoneLite® system easily passed the hurricane wind and large missile impact requirements of Miami-Dade Florida building authority.

Stone Panels, Inc. is the only lightweight reinforced stone supplier having South Florida building authority acceptance.

Panel thicknesses

The StoneLite® cornice for the Ann Taylor flagship store in Manhattan was factory assembled on galvanized steel stud framing in lengths of 5’ each. Two carpenters installed 200 linear ft. of cornice (40) pieces in two 7-1/2 hour days from a scaffold. The alternative was dimensional stone which would have required heavy equipment and multiple weeks to install. This project has over 10,000 sq. ft. of flame finished Rocheret and Lacome Pointille.



Wachovia Tower is a classic representation of how inlay accents can enhance a building’s exterior. StoneLite® Rainbow sandstone is used for multiple lintels, column covers and the entrances accented with bands and diamond shape insets of Atlantic Green slate.