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How to Get the Software

We’ve got another holiday gift for you: free WeatherLink Computer Software. We’ve made our iconic computer software free to download from

  1. Many of you will find the new website so user-friendly, customizable, and just, well, beautiful, you may never have a need for our WeatherLink Computer Software.
  2. But others will want to use both, or maybe just the software. How the Two Options Differ. On, you can see your data on your customized dashboard bulletin and get a daily summary delivered to your email.
  3. You can access the site from any connected device, whether it’s a Mac, a PC, or your smartphone or tablet via the WeatherLink app. On, Pro and Pro+ users can also graph and archive their data.
  4. WeatherLink Computer Software lets you access and store all of your data on your own computer.
  5. It allows you to archive, graph, and analyze your data on your PC or Mac. Those who use a WeatherLink USB or Serial data logger can choose to also upload to, as long as the computer is on and the software is running 24/7.

How to Start Uploading Data to

  1. If you have a WeatherLinkIP data logger, Vantage Connect, or EnviroMonitor Gateway, your data automatically goes to already, and it then can be downloaded to your WeatherLink Computer Software.
  2. How to Get the Software. Create your free WeatherLink account on Using the username and password you just set up, log in.
  3. (You will have the option to upgrade your account to Pro or Pro+, but this is not necessary.
  4. Click Get Started under the Basic column.). The Davis Instruments WeatherLink Bulletin Dashboard will appear.
  5. On the right side of the screen, under your name, click the account icon (it looks like a person). Click Computer Software and download.

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