Where To Buy Cultured Stone

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Each one of our products is meticulously engineered to meet the Cultured Stone standard. All you need to do is select the style that fits your vision. Get a better understanding of Manufactured Stone Veneer and learn the benefits of using it on the job. Reduce your installation time with the reinvention of the draining and drying wall system that requires fewer fasteners and fewer penetrations.

Bring your inspiration to life with our Stone Visualizer. Test different profiles and colors by choose from our sample scenes or upload your own snapshot. Explore the beautiful spaces that others have created using Cultured Stone – no matter your project size or design, there’s a Cultured Stone for you.

Hewn Stone brings the chic solemnity of castle-work to modern architecture with rough textures and smooth colors.

It looks just like a natural stone

Residential or commercial. Large-scale or small. Whatever your next project calls for, there’s a Cultured Stone veneer that caters to your sensibilities and budget. See the remarkable spaces others have created with Cultured Stone. View All Interior. View All Exterior. Our story begins with a pair of entrepreneurial siblings back in the early 1960’s. Trained as plasterers, Garrett and Floyd Brown recognized the need for a new kind of building material—a stone veneer that not only mimicked the look of real stone, but actually improved upon it with more consistent color, quality, and weight.

Today, we preserve and build upon the Brown Brothers’ vision. Whether it’s engineering new product designs, increasing operational efficiency, or simply performing quality inspections, we pride ourselves on blending the very best of art and science to continually elevate the Cultured Stone name.

The product styles and color blends can interchange between rustic to contemporary style treatments and formal or traditional applications as well, making it suitable for any residential or commercial project.