Where To Get Free Textures For Blender

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I’ll admit it, Im a stingy person and I dont spend a dime on anything.

Want to create convincing space scenes with practically created elements and effects? Download these 40+ free space textures and elements and get to work.

Websites like Poliigon, RD Textures, and Megascans produce incredible looking textures, but you have to pay to get them. Here are some sites that offer pretty decent textures for FREE. Textures.com1.you have to create an account first before you can download textures2.you get access to materials, photo-scanned textures, HDRs, and an array of various other flat textures3.you are limited to downloading 15 assets a day, but I find that to be plenty.

VISMATS.com1.Just came across this site recently and its almost too good to be true, dont even need an account just download right off the site2.this has way more materials than textures.com, but its good to use both.

  • hdrlabs.com1.dont need an account2.free HDR’s.
  • polyhaven.com1.HDRs, textures, and models.
  • SketchupMaterials1.create an account2.limit of 15 textures a day3.you could purchase a subscription to access to better quality materials.

Download SPACE KIT: 40+ Free Space Textures and Elements

If you know any other free texture sites feel free to post them below.

(This is a relatively large download, so settle in.)

DOWNLOAD SPACE KIT: 40+ FREE Space Textures And Elements

How to Use These FREE Space Textures and Elements

You’ll get the most flexibility and use out of these textures in Adobe After Effects — though they will work with any major nonlinear editing program.

In the download, you’ll find a folder of Atmospheres, Nebulas, and Star Fields.

With these elements, layering and masking is key. I like to pull a small piece of multiple elements and blend them together into one shot, though they usually stand pretty well on their own. You may find that adding some glow, or a bit of color correction (changing hue or contrast) will help you to create the look that you want. Experiment and have fun!

The purpose of the atmospheres is to create planets and alien skies. Using the CC sphere plugin in After Effects, or even the brand-new Orb plugin from Video Copilot, you can easily and quickly create some really interesting and convincing space scenes and planets.

With the nebulas, you can create the vast expanse of space and add a sense of atmosphere. You can set these to an “Add” or “Linear Dodge” blending mode on top of other elements to get some more atmospheric texture — or let them stand on their own to create complex and elaborate galaxies.

If you’ve ever created a star field in After Effects, you know that it takes quite a few clicks and a decent bit of effort to get something that looks natural. Maybe you’re using fractal noise or Element 3d to get a convincing star field look. Now, you can simply drag and drop some really natural and detailed star fields into your project.

How We Created These Elements

We created these elements practically and organically here in the PremiumBeat studio, using a fish tank, a pane of glass, and a variety of liquids and dyes. You may have seen some of these fluid/liquid dynamics in films like Tree Of Life, and The Fountain.

Let me tell you, making these elements was a lot of fun. Stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes info on how we did it.

BONUS: Even More Space Elements

If you’d like some more Nebula elements to use in your projects, our friends over at RocketStock created this pack of 19 Free Space Backgrounds called “Nebula” using many of the same methods.

Between these two packs, you should have everything you need to create the next great sci-fi epic.