Whole House Gas Generator

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Overview table

When the power goes out, whether from a storm or a larger emergency, having the ability to keep all your appliances running and your lights on can make a big difference in your comfort and safety. Whole-house generators offer enough power to run your essential appliances and more for extended periods of time, keeping you comfortable no matter what is going on outside.

In order to help you find the best whole-house generator for your home, we considered a number of features that differentiate these generators. First, we looked at how much power they are able to put out, since this determines which and how many appliances you’ll be able to power.

Second, we looked at the capacity of the fuel tank and how long the generator will run for, since you don’t want to have too many breaks in your power supply. Finally, we considered how much noise different generators make and whether they come with a manufacturer’s warranty. We spent tens of hours researching technical specifications and customer reviews for the most popular whole-house generators on the market to come up with our five favorites, highlighted in the table below.

Continue reading for detailed reviews of each whole-house generator, complete with pros and cons.

Buyer’s Guide

Our buying guide covers everything you need to know about choosing the best generator for your home. Finally, we sum up the three overall best standby generators on the market today. Why be left in the dark when you can be powered by a whole house generator? Few investments can provide you with as much peace of mind as the best whole house generator. If you reside in an area where power outages are frequent and go on for hours, then investing in one is a paramount need.

Have you ever thought of what the fallout will be if the electricity of your home fails during the winter months and cannot be fixed for several days? If you live in a cold region frequently hit with winter storms, you definitely need a powerful whole house generator.

This is because it is very common for a build-up of snow and ice to pull down power lines and result in a winter blackout. Whichever way, purchasing one will surely add a protective layer over your house. From natural disasters to lousy weather, there are several ways that electricity can go out.


Without power, most of our regular activities will come to a halt. You also have to consider that these things occur suddenly to avoid being caught unprepared. Internet is lost; food goes bad; TV, phone, and lots of other services are interrupted. Besides being an extremely unpleasant situation, this can also represent a danger and a potentially life-threating situation.

Thankfully, a whole house generator is constructed to handle the power requirements of an entire home. Having your lights on and all your appliances running can make a significant difference in your safety and comfort during an outage.

With a whole house generator, you can remain comfortable for extended periods regardless of what is going on outside. You should continue reading this review as a guide to the best whole house generators, and make your choice quickly before the next damning power outage.


This guide will help you sort the excellent generator from the lower-quality models so that you can select the very best available. We aim to help you find a generator that suits your needs and protects you and your family from the problems that can result from an unexpected power failure. We spent time researching and reviewing these generators in detail, examining their features, pros, cons, as well as top reviews from industry experts and users, all in a bid to help you make a perfect choice.