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PlanetGenerators.com / Buying Guide / . A whole house generator can be a major investment, and that is why you want to be absolutely sure that you get the right product for your needs. For a home generator, you should have a solid unit that is going to power all of the primary appliances that you rely on every day. This is why we compiled this list of what we believe to be the best whole house generators on the market. If you scroll down below our comparison chart, you will find an our “definitive guide” detailing everything you could possibly want to know about standby and home generators with full reviews.

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So, let’s get started! Pros: This air-cooled generator will automatically turn on when your power goes out, and it is going to provide your home with up to 20,000 watts of power. It is also backed by a 5-year/2,000 hour warranty. Cons: The biggest drawback of this generator is the fact that owners must go through an authorized service representative for all maintenance if they want to maintain the warranty.

    • Bottom Line: After installing this generator, you can rest assured that your home is going to have power when you need it the most.
    • The built-in microchip will automatically activate the generator within 10 seconds of a power outage, and that makes it an ideal option for those who live in areas that frequently get major storms.
    • Briggs & Stratton.
    • Pros: In addition to having a solid 5-year warranty, this generator was also built with durability in mind.
    • The 40484 produces a maximum of 20,000 watts, and owners will have more placement options because of its streamlined housing.
    • Cons: When purchasing the 40484, you must make sure that you have included all additional parts.
    • The base unit doesn’t come with a transfer switch unless it is added to the order.
    • Bottom Line: Briggs & Stratton’s 40484 is a great generator for homeowners who want a robust unit that isn’t going to break the bank.
    • This generator can easily be installed in just a few hours, and the durable Vanguard motor is going to last for years with the proper maintenance.
    • Pros: Generac is a world-renowned manufacturer, and the 7033 is one of their flagship units.
    • The 7033 is easy to install, easy to maintain, and very affordable.

The all-weather aluminum body was designed to stand up to the elements, and you can actively monitor the generator with Generac’s mobile app. Cons: The 7033 isn’t as powerful as many other generators, and it might not be a good option for larger homes. Bottom Line: In addition to being affordable, this generator is extremely rugged as well. As an added bonus, it also boasts cutting-edge sound dampening features that bring its operating noise level down. Champion Power Equipment.

Cost of installation for a whole house generator

Pros: If you want to steer clear of noisy generators, then the 100294 standby generator might be for you. This quietest-in-class generator operates at 63 dBA, and it produces 14,000 watts on propane and 12,500 watts on natural gas.

Evaluating the overall cost of a whole house generator

Cons: The Champion Power Equipment 100294 is another generator that wasn’t designed for larger homes. It will power most basic appliances, but it might not keep your HVAC system running on natural gas. Bottom Line: This is a great piece of machinery for smaller homes and off-the-grid cabins.

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At full load, it will consume around 2.6 gallons of fuel per hour, and that means an entry-level propane tank could get you through power outages that last for multiple days.

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Briggs & Stratton. Pros: The 76107 is rated at 25kW, and it is going to handle anything you throw at it. Its metal enclosure was designed to resist rust, hard impacts, and extreme temperatures.

Whole House Generator FAQ

Cons: Briggs & Stratton’s 76107 is on the larger side, and it might not be an ideal option for those who live on smaller pieces of property. Potential buyers should also note that the 76107 no longer comes with a remote oiling system.

Highlighting the Top Benefits of a Whole Home Generator

Bottom Line: This generator is very easy to use, and buyers will be glad to hear that it is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Cost of whole house generator maintenance and repair

When your power goes out, the 76107 will immediately switch to natural gas or liquid propane, and the power management system is going to prioritize high-demand appliances. Some of the best whole house generators, standby generators, are designed to act as a passive backup system that automatically “flips a switch” in case your power goes down any than just a few seconds.

The cost of standby generators versus portable generators

Immediately after a blackout has been detected that the generator senses that your power has been disconnected, and instantly (thanks to innovative new technology all modern units include) your generator goes into work seamlessly filling in those power gaps.

Fuel Type

Because these generators are tied directly into the wiring of your property you get to use all of your electronic devices and appliances the same way you would have on a day to day basis.

Breaking Down the Differences Between Portable and Standby Generators

This is about as close to a set it and forget it emergency solution as you’re going to find on the market today!

The cost of the generator itself

Though there are minute differences in all of the whole home/standby generator options available on the market today, all of them are broken down into two different components:.

How Does a Generac Home Backup Generator Work?

You have the automatic transfer switch responsible for detecting that a blackout has occurred and then triggering the generator to power on in the first place. You have the actual generator itself responsible for producing the power that you’re going to consume while the grid remains down. Obviously, both of these systems have two separate and totally distinct purposes but both of them have to be working in concert with one another to give you the kinds of results you are after.