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To attack multiple WEP, WPA, and WPS encrypted networks in a row. This tool is customizable to be automated with only a few arguments. Wifite aims to be the "set it and forget it" wireless auditing tool.


WiFite Help

sorts targets by signal strength (in dB); cracks closest access points first . automatically de-authenticates clients of hidden networks to reveal SSIDs . numerous filters to specify exactly what to attack (wep/wpa/both, above certain signal strengths, channels, etc) .

WiFite Usage Example

customizable settings (timeouts, packets/sec, etc) . "anonymous" feature; changes MAC to a random address before attacking, then changes back when attacks are complete . all captured WPA handshakes are backed up to wifite.py's current directory . smart WPA de-authentication; cycles between all clients and broadcast deauths .

Learn Install And Run WiFite On Kali Linux Step By Step

stop any attack with Ctrl+C, with options to continue, move onto next target, skip to cracking, or exit . displays session summary at exit; shows any cracked keys . all passwords saved to cracked.txt . built-in updater: ./wifite.py -upgrade .

How To Uninstall WiFite From Kali Linux

Homepage: https://github.com/derv82/wifite2. Author: derv merkler. License: GPLv2. Attack access points with over 50 dB of power (-pow 50) using the WPS attack (-wps):. The program is pre-installed on Kali Linux.

wifite Usage Example

Required Programs. Please see the installation guide on the wiki for help installing any of the tools below. Wifite is a Python script and requires Python to run. aircrack-ng suite. This is absolutely required. The specific programs used in the suite are: . packetforge-ng. Standard linux programs. iwconfig, ifconfig, which, iw .

Related tools

Suggested Programs. reaver, a Wifi-Protected Setup (WPS) attack tool. Reaver includes a scanner "walsh" (or "wash") for detecting WPS-enabled access points.

Where Is Wifite Located?

Wifite uses Reaver to scan for and attack WPS-enabled routers. pyrit, a GPU cracker for WPA PSK keys. Wifite uses pyrit (if found) to detect handshakes. In the future, Wifite may include an option to crack WPA handshakes via pyrit. Comes bundled with Wireshark, packet sniffing software.

What Is Aircrack-Ng In Kali Linux?

cowpatty, a WPA PSK key cracker. Wifite uses cowpatty (if found) to detect handshakes.

How Do I Connect To Wifi On Kali Linux 2020?

Penetrator-WPS (77.6%). OneShot (74.9%). Router Scan (74.3%). Fern Wifi Cracker (73.6%). airgeddon (71.2%). infernal-twin (RANDOM - 58.1%). Previously, Kali Linux was introduced to you. It contains a large amount of Penetration Testing Tools.

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  • Today you will learn about one other tool of this collection.
  • WiFite is a Penetration Testing Tool under the GNU General Public License version 2 and in this article, we will present How To Install And Run Wifite On Kali Linux.
  • You can customize WiFite to be automated with only a few arguments and attack multiple Wired Equivalent Privacy, Wi-Fi Protected Access, and Wi-Fi Protected Setup encrypted networks in a row.
  • It has been designed to use all these recent methods for retrieving the password of a wireless access router.
  • WiFite Screenshots

    Once you start running WiFite, you can select your targets, and then it will start capturing or cracking the password. You do not need to memorize command arguments and switches anymore, WiFite will run the existing wireless-auditing tools for you.

    WiFite Description

    You can find your preferred Linux VPS packages and continue learning how to use this tool on your own server. 1- WiFite is able to crack the closest access points due to their signal strength first while it sorts targets in dB.

    What Is Wifite In Kali?

    2- De-authenticates clients of hidden networks automatically to reveal SSIDs. 3- It has so many filters to specify what to attack exactly. 4- Timeouts, packets/sec, and other settings are customizable. 5- WiFite can change MAC to a random address before the attack as an anonymous feature.

    What Is Wifite Kali?

    When attacks are complete, change back. 6- It provides the backup of all captured WPA to wifite.py’s current directory. 7- It cycles between all clients and broadcast deauths as a smart WPA de-authentication.