Win 7 Boot Disk

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by Jenefey AaronUpdated on 2020-03-23 / Update for Fix Windows. A boot disk (a startup disk) is a type of removable media such as floppy disk, CD or DVD that contained Windows startup files that your computer could use to start Windows if Windows system files on the hard disk became damaged or unusable.

It counts for much when your Windows refuses to boot normally.

Here we mainly introduce how to create Windows 7 boot disk.

Two methods are included. As we know, Windows 7 is equipped with the feature of creating a system Windows 7 bootable disk.

Two steps are needed. Click "Start" button->Control Panel->System and Security->Backup and Restore.

In the left panel, click "Create a system repair disc" and follow steps remained. Insert the Windows 7 startup repair disk into your CD or DVD drive. Choose your language settings and then click Next. Select a recovery option and click Next. The other more powerful way to create a startup repair disc for unbootable Windows 7 is using windows 7 startup disk creator.

To use the creator, you need to prepare a disk (CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive) and a PC that you can access. At first, click the following Windows 7 startup disk download button to install this creator on the accessible PC.

Insert the CD/DVD disk into the CD-ROM drive or connect the USB Flash Drive to USB port on the accessible computer.

Specify CD/DVD or USB drive and click "Burn" to create a Windows 7 startup disk iso file.

Insert the newly burned disk into the unbootable computer and set BIOS to start it from CD/DVD/USB.

Then you will see the program interface.

For your data safety, here I recommended you to back up your Windows 7 at first.

Go to Solution Center to select a situation according to its provided inclusive symptoms. Then follow its instructions. These two methods can meet your various need in creating Windows 7 startup disc.

Just pick one according to your situation. What I want to stress is that creating a system repair disk in advance is a wise choice.

Create Install DVD or USB Flash Drive from Windows 7 Download Depending on what you downloaded (ISO or .box) and what you have available you can use one of the links below to create boot media.

To use the USB flash drive methods your flash drive must be 4GB or larger and the computer must be able to boot from USB.

You could also buy the install DVD if you want.DVD from ISO - If you downloaded the ISO file use a burning program to make a DVD.

And here are instructions on how to burn ISO images to disk:

You change the Boot Order in the BIOS to be able to boot from your installation media: