Windows 11 Bootable Media

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  • Before you begin

    This assistant is for those who wish to:
    • A bootable Windows 11 USB drive is the best way to install Windows 11.

    Before you begin, check to see if the following conditions apply to you:
    • (Who wants to burn a DVD?) You can easily create one with a flash drive, a free download from Microsoft, and a Windows PC.
    • To use the Media Creation Tool, you need a PC running Windows 10 or 11 as well as a USB drive that is eight gigabytes or larger.
    • An external solid-state drive (SSD) or external hard disk drive (HDD) would also suffice. RELATED:How Create a USB Flash Drive Installer for Windows 10, 8, or 7. Microsoft provides an application to automatically create a bootable Windows 11 USB drive on their website.
    • Scroll down until you see a section titled “Create Windows 11 Installation Media.” Then, under that, click “Download Now.”.
    After you download the Installation Assistant:
    1. When it finishes downloading, hit Ctrl+J to open the downloads menu on your browser.
    2. Every browser is a little different, but you’re looking for a file named “MediaCreationToolW11.exe.” Click it to start the installation.
    3. The first page is the terms and conditions — just hit “Accept.”. The next page has a few options — if you’d like to install Windows 11 in a different language, untick the box “Use the recommended options for this PC” and select a language.
    4. Otherwise, click “Next.”. Ensure “USB Flash Drive” is selected, then click “Next.”. Select the USB drive you want, and then click “Next.”.

    Note: Windows 11 Installation Assistant doesn’t run on ARM-based PCs. It’s only supported for PCs using x64 processors. If you need installation media to install Windows 11 on a different PC, see Create Windows 11 Installation Media.