Windows 11 Download Full Version

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But, if you upgrade from an older version to Windows 11, you won't have to lose any settings or data. Based on the explanation of the difference between the free download full version and the free upgrade, are you sure you still want a free download? If yes, read on to get a detailed guide. ***Windows 11 free download full version, namely to clean install Windows 11, is a process of erasing an old hard disk data and reconfiguring a new Windows installation. You must take a significant backup with free backup software to avoid data loss during Windows installation. Using Windows 11 installation assistant is one of the quickest and easiest ways to install Windows 11 on your PC. But, before you start, make sure to check the system requirements and make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements for Windows 11. Here is how you can start:. Log on to the Microsoft Official website for Windows 11 download. Scroll down to Windows 11 installation assistant and click on download now. Your PC will now download an installation file and run it after downloading. When you select Accept and Install, your Windows 11 setup will be upgraded to Windows 11. You must be free to use your computer during the downloading and installation. In the end, you will be requested to restart your computer when the setup is complete. If you need more time to save all the ongoing activity, you may either restart the system right away or wait for the 30-minute countdown to expire. You may sign in to Windows after your computer has rebooted. After completing the final setup, you'll be placed on your new Windows 11 desktop. Another easy way to install Windows 11 is by creating an installation media. Here is how you can do it:. Download and run the media creation tool. Following that, you have three options for installing the operating system. The Installation Assistant, installation media, or a disc image are all options (ISO file). Right, Click Download Now after scrolling down to the Create Windows 11 Installation Media option. You'll be prompted to approve the licensing terms and verify the languages and versions for Windows 11 throughout the initial setup. You'll then be prompted to choose between a USB device with at least 8GB of storage space and an ISO file that you may burn on a DVD. If you use a USB drive, be sure it's plugged into your computer. Then click next. Suppose you have more than one detachable disc attached to your computer. Then click next. The application installs Windows 11 to your USB drive before creating installation discs. Click Finish after the procedure is completed. Do you like to go with DVD? Pick the ISO file button; Click Next on the page to choose which media to use. Modify the file's title to something more specific, such as Windows 11.iso, then save it to the location you want it to go to. Allow the document to be transferred to the specified folder after clicking Save. The application will prompt you to burn the ISO file to a DVD as soon as the procedure is finished. Rather than launching the built-in Disc Image Burner software, Microsoft displays a dialogue window with the filename of the downloadable file and command-line options for using the utility. Dismiss the message by clicking OK, then stop the Media Creation Tool by clicking Finish. You may utilize the Image Burner tool like Rufus, but there's a more straightforward method. Put a writable DVD in the disc tray of your computer. Right-click on the Microsoft Windows ISO file in Windows Explorer, then pick the Burn disc image option. The easiest way to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is using automated downloader software.