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Windows 11 is an interesting evolution of Microsoft’s operating system.

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There are many changes from Windows 10, so the best way to see if you like it is by trying it.

This article shows you four methods for downloading the Windows 11 ISO file for free (and completely legal), both from the Microsoft website and by using third-party programs.

Let’s begin with the simplest method:.

NOTE: Before downloading Windows 11, make sure your system meets the requirements.

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Also, although you can use Windows 11 without a product key, you should have one if you want to get full functionality of the operating system. The most straightforward way to download Windows 11 is by using the dedicated website from Microsoft: Download Windows 11.

Scroll down to the “Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO)” section and click on Select Download. Choose Windows 11 from the list, then click Download. Download the Windows 11 ISO image.

Next, select the language of the Windows 11 installation. Later, during installation, you need to choose the same language you selected here. Press Confirm afterwards. Choose the language for the Windows 11 installation.

After a few moments, a download link will be generated. Click or tap on “64-bit Download” to continue.

  1. Windows 11 only comes with a 64-bit architecture.
  2. Now, select the folder where you want the Windows ISO file to be downloaded.

Windows 11 64 Bit Requirements

Click or tap on Save and the download starts. Select the folder where you want the Windows 11 ISO to be downloaded. Once you have the file, you can install the operating system. If you need help installing Windows 11 from an ISO file, read this article: How to install Windows 11 from USB, DVD, or ISO.

On the same page, Download Windows 11, there’s a section called “Create Windows 11 Installation Media”. Click on Download Now to proceed. Download Media Creation Tool from the Microsoft webpage.

Select where you want to download the Media Creation Tool executable. Click or tap on Save once you’re satisfied. Next, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the program and run it by double-clicking or double-tapping the file.

If you want to be the first human in history to do so, read the software license terms, then click on Accept. If you click on Decline, the process is canceled.

Download Windows 11 with the Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool

Read the license terms and press Accept. Next, you are given the option to change the language or the edition of the Windows 11 ISO. If you want to do so, first uncheck the “Use the recommended options for this PC” box. Once you’re satisfied, press Next.

What’s New in Windows 11

Configure the Windows 11 download and then press Next . In the next screen, select the ISO file option. The other option automatically makes a bootable Windows 11 USB flash drive. Click or tap on Next. Choose ISO file, then press Next.

Once the download of the file is complete, you have the option to open the download location or to close the Media Creation Tool by pressing Finish.

  • Press Finish to conclude the process. You can now proceed with installing Windows 11.
  • Rufus is a popular tool for burning image files to DVDs. It can also be used to download Windows 11.

To get the application, go to the Rufus Downloads page. Click on the version you want to download.

For this tutorial, we used version 3.17. Select the latest Rufus version from the download page. After downloading it, simply run it by double-clicking or double-tapping the executable.

Now, in the Rufus app window, click or tap on the “Show application settings” button in the lower-left. Make sure updates are enabled by choosing one of the three options (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly).

Press Close, then restart the application. Make sure you enable application updates in order for the next steps to work.

How to Check If You Have 32 Bit or 64 Bit Windows 11

After restarting Rufus, click or tap the arrow next to the Select button, then select Download.

  • If the Download option is not present, make sure you completed the previous step.

Enable Download in the main Rufus window. After selecting it, the Select button changes its name to Download. Press on it to start the wizard.

  • Press the Download button to start the Download ISO Image wizard. After a few moments, the Download ISO Image dialog box appears.

By default, Windows 11 is selected. If it’s not, select it yourself, then click Continue. Press Continue after making sure that Windows 11 is selected. Next, choose the build and press Continue. Do this for the edition, the language and the architecture, pressing Continue after each one.

After selecting the architecture, you can check the box to download using a browser or you can continue downloading the ISO file using Rufus. You can press Back if you made a mistake or Download to confirm the chosen settings.

Features and Changes

Choose the release, edition, language and architecture of Windows 11. Finally, you can select the location where you want the file and change its name if you want. Press Save once you’re satisfied. Another free tool that can be used to download Windows 11 is the Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool which you can find on this website.

Open the website, then click or tap on the Download: Windows-ISO-Downloader.exe link.

The download link for the Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool. After downloading, run the app by double-clicking or double-tapping on it. Now, select the Windows category in the upper-right corner. Then, select Windows 10 (Windows 11 has no dedicated category yet, but you can still download it by selecting the Windows 10 option).

On the left side, select the Windows 11 edition that you need, then press Confirm. Now, select the product language that you want to use and press the second Confirm button. Configure the Windows ISO file download.

Download Windows 11 for free from the Microsoft website

Since Windows 11 only comes in a 64-bit variant, press the 64-bit Download button. Confirm the download by pressing Save. Choose the only option available, 64-bit, then confirm the download by pressing Save.

You are asked where you want to save the ISO file that you are about to download. Choose the folder where you want the file, type a name for it (if you want to change its default name), and press Save one more time.

The Windows ISO direct download starts, and the file is saved in the specified location. Wait for the download to finish before closing the program.

TIP: You can use this app to download ISO files with Office too. For more details, read: How to download Windows and Office ISO files (all versions). There you have it, four methods of downloading Windows 11 for free!

Before leaving this page, tell us in the comments which method you prefer. Did you use the Microsoft website or a third-party app?

Also, if you know other methods for downloading Windows 11, share them below, and we will update the article. Windows 11 is now generally available for everyone. For those who still haven’t upgraded to Windows 11, this guide will help you get the full version of Microsoft Windows 11 for free.

We already reported to you that Microsoft has made the upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 free of cost.

Alternate Softwares

Eligible Windows users can upgrade from Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free. Now, the edition of Windows 11 you will be upgraded to will depend upon the current Windows edition you are using.

If you are currently on the Home edition of Windows, you will be upgraded to Windows 11 Home Edition free of charge. In case you want to upgrade to some other edition like Pro or Enterprise, you will be obviously required to pay the required charges. We have been talking about how your PC needs to meet the minimum requirements to upgrade to Windows 11 ever since the new OS became the talk of the town.

So, make sure your PC fulfills to meet the minimum requirements using Microsoft’s PC Health Check app to ensure that you can get the full version of Windows 11.

In case you are using too old a PC, it’s time to upgrade your device to enjoy using Windows 11.

Microsoft has redesigned Windows 11 and gave it a new and improved look. From Settings app to Taskbar and Start Menu, you get to see a new UI design in Windows 11 that is visually appealing.

Apart from that, improved built-in security features like Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Support for Azure-based Microsoft Azure Attestation, and Secured-core PCs are something to look out for.

It also has a new and enhanced Quick Settings panel which has basically replaced Windows 10’s Action Center.

The Quick Settings enable to quickly access frequently access functions like Accessibility, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. Another enhanced feature is the default Clipboard Manager which is revamped.