Windows 7 Home Premium 32 Bit

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I have a 6 year old Dell with a quad core processor and 3 Gig of RAM.

With the demise of XP coming up in April, I had to come up with a solution.

I require a supported operating system for work. My alternatives were to buy a new computer (with Win8), or upgrade the old XP machine with a new OS.

I picked this Win7 OS because it uses less resources than Win8 (which was actually a few bucks cheaper) and would be a better fit for an older machine.

This is just the right solution for extending the life of an older computer.

Win7 runs on my old system just as fast as the old XP OS and the user interface is intuitive and very easy to grasp if you're coming from XP or Vista.

Another plus is that Win7 supports Office 2003, which I already own. That saved a couple hundred bucks.Installation was very simple. Insert the DVD and follow the instructions on the screen. There is an option in the custom install where you do not have to format the hard drive.

The bonus here is that all of your data and settings from XP are saved and stored in a folder called Windows.old.

While I would strongly recommend backing up all data before you start (just in case), you won't have to restore all of your data back from the external drive.

It's all still there on your hard drive.

Very convenient.The installation process took about an hour. Then you have to download all of the updates and patches for the last several years. This took me around 3 hrs.

on a high speed connection and involves several reboots.

Once the updates are complete, you're ready to go!Overall I'm very happy with this OS.

It has extended the life of my older machine and was several hundred dollars cheaper than buying a new one.

The Win7 OS will be support through 2020, so I'm sure that this upgrade will outlast the computer.

Installation was very easy and virtually painless.

I use Win8 at work and I much prefer the way Win7 looks and works.

I highly recommend this if you have a good XP system that needs a new operating system. Installed with no problem and key was readily accepted by Microsoft.

(It should be noted that I did not input the key the first time it was asked for but rather waited until it was fully installed before inputting the key and activating it as I have heard of problems using the first opportunity.)Problems came later due to the massive amount of updates required and the computer hanging on 98 of 233.

Had to hard reboot and then the computer would get stuck checking for updates.

Took about 10 hours to resolve, ultimately finding the 4 step method (found online) worked when installed following a selective win start-up (using msconfig).

Typical Microsoft bugware.

(That's why the 4 stars) This version should already have an SP2 roll-up at this point.

The COA sticker, which has the Product Key on it, is either on the underside of the Laptop or in the Battery Compartment.

With a Desktop it is either on the side, rear or top of the Computer Case.