Windows 7 Premium Free Download

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Windows 7 Home Premium lets you use one of the best operating systems around on your home computer and gives you access to a host of features, programs and tools.

While there are newer versions of Windows available, not all computers can handle the requirements for that operating system.

If you have an older computer that still runs and works well but lacks the space needed for Windows 8 or Windows 10, you can download Windows 7 Home Premium to keep your computer operating at a higher level. This program now comes with Windows Media Center, which is a must-have for anyone who loves watching DVDs.

As soon as you insert a disc, the program will register that disc, open Windows Media Center and load the disc to show you the DVD home screen.

You can then use the buttons the screen to rewind, fast forward or pause the disc as well as adjust the screen size and volume.

Windows Media Center also works well with burned discs and CDs.

Another great feature is Windows Live Movie Maker. While it doesn't come with professional editing tools, it does come with some great tools that help you make the most out of your home movies. You can upload those video files you have on your computer and insert those video clips into a full-length film. As the program uses a drag and drop feature, you shouldn't have any problems putting together your videos.

You can use the tools in the program to add in transitions like star wipes, put fun captions under videos and add music or sound effects. Windows Live Movie Maker even lets you make slideshows of family photos and other images. Many users will find that Windows 7 Home Premium is easier to use than previous versions of Windows. With Jump Lists, you can now keep a short list of your most important documents on hand to gain easy access to each file in seconds.

Using Jump Lists will help you organize the documents you use for work and any schoolwork you have on your computer too.

If you spend a lot of time online, you'll love the new Snap, Peek and Shake feature.