Windows 8 Flash Drive

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If you want to install Windows 8 from a USB device, you need to get the setup files from the DVD to the USB drive. Simply copying them there won't do. Regardless of whether you have a Windows 8 DVD that you need to get on a flash drive or an ISO file with the same goal, the following tutorial will help you get the installation files copied to a flash drive. It's a relatively simple process that takes 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the format of your copy of Windows 8 and your computer's speed. Burning an ISO file to a USB drive as described in that article and below works equally well for Windows 11/10 users. To complete this process, you need:. A flash drive (4 GB for 32-bit, 8 GB for 64-bit). A Windows 8/8.1 DVD or ISO. Access to a working computer (with a DVD drive if you have a Windows 8 DVD) with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 installed. If you have a Windows 8 ISO file and want that on a flash drive, start with Step 2. If you have a Windows 8 DVD and need that on the flash drive, start with Step 1. The need to install Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 from a USB device is common because most new computers no longer have optical drives. Here's how to install from a USB. Create an ISO file from the Windows 8 DVD. It's the procedure by which you create a single file, called an ISO image, containing all the data stored on the Windows 8 setup DVD. Once you have an ISO image, come back here and continue with this tutorial to explain how to get it onto a flash drive. If you already know how to create ISO files with your favorite program, often called "ripping," then do so in whatever way you're used to doing it. However, if you've never created one or don't have a program installed right now that does it, please see the linked tutorial above for complete instructions on doing so with a free program.