Windows 8.1 Media Creation Tool

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Windows 8.1 (successor to Windows 8) was released to the public on October 17, 2013, it was available as an update for Windows 8 customers, or users who do not have a Windows 8 license can download standalone ISO file for clean installation in their PC.

Changes and enhancements to software are major differences in Windows 8.1 (compraing with 8), there are not many new features. The deleted start button in Windows 8 was restored in the taskbar, the start screen gets better with new customization options, more default UWP apps are bundled, more apps can be snaped in the screen, and many more changes are included in Windows 8.1.

Microsoft has released an update for Windows 8.1 in April 2014, which includes many new features like UWP apps can now be able to pin to the taskbar, the title bar is available in the UWP app, right-click menu is available for apps listed in the Start Screen etc., the updated version ISO of Windows 8.1 is available separately in the download menu.

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Restoration of start button on taskbar. Start screen improvements.

Internet Explorer 11. OneDrive Integration. Windows 8.1 received more positive reviews than Windows 8. Windows 7 overall more stable, secure, and improved version of Vista. There are 6 different editions of Windows 7, which are Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.

Except the Starter, all versions are available for 32 and 64-bit capable systems. A service pack and platform update was issued by Microsoft for Windows 7.

Both service pack and platform update include hardware / software support improvements, while the platform update include new version of IE browser, Internet Explorer 10.

More stable, secure and better version of Windows Vista. Improved Windows Aero graphical user interface.

Better boot performance. Lots of visual chnages in the taskbar. Windows 7 app live thumbnail in taskbar.

Performance and security improvements. I have given full instructions on how to use the Windows Media Creation Tool with an OEM License:. The accompany written guide may be found here::.

Please vote on my Windows Uservoice idea so Microsoft are made aware of the remaining limitations of the utility:.

The Windows Media Creation Tool Supports:. Windows 8.0SL OEM/Retail. Windows 8.1SL OEM/Retail. Windows 8.0 OEM/Retail.

Windows 8.0N OEM/Retail. Windows 8.0 OEM/Retail.

Windows 8.1N OEM/Retail. Windows 8.0 Professional OEM/Retail. Windows 8.0 ProfessionalN OEM/Retail. Windows 8.1 Professional OEM/Retail.

Windows 8.1 ProfessionalN OEM/Retail. Windows 8.1 Professional with Media Centre Retail. It does not Support:. Windows 8.1 with Bing OEM. Windows 8.1SL with Bing OEM. Windows 8.1 (Core/Home) ≠ Windows 8.1 N (Core/Home) ≠ Windows 8.1 SL (Core/Home) ≠ Windows 8.1 with Bing ≠ Windows 8.1 SL with Bing.

Windows 8.1 Professional ≠ Windows 8.1 Professional N. I give instructions on:. Determining your Windows 8.1 Edition. Determining your Windows 8.1 OEM Key (not necessary to know with the new .isos). Downloading the Windows 8.1 .iso.

Creating a Bootable USB. Evaluation/installation with a generic key. Interchangability of Single Language .isos. Adding Features to get Media Centre.