Wood Composite Cladding System

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INNOWOOD Cladding is an architectural composite wood cladding system that enhances the look and feel of any outdoor façades and internal linings. InnoClad is Ideal for any new buildings or renovations and also InnoClad is suitable for residential and commercial in both indoor & outdoor applications.

InnoClad - Innovative cladding systems, that can be integrated into any internal & external cladding designs, facades and also garage doors. InnoClad system comes in varying widths and fixing methods thereby making it flexible to match the design specification. InnoClad systems are capable of orientating either vertically or horizontally in order to deliver a clean finish with consistently spaced shadow / join lines.

Cladding that provides highly desirable warmth and character that comes from the closest composite to natural timber. INNOWOOD external cladding system comes in your choice of Shiplap, Concealed Clip Fixing and Flat Joint cladding systems.

With the flexibility to orientate vertically or horizontally, INNOWOOD external cladding systems deliver a clean finish with consistently spaced shadow/join lines.

INNOWOOD’s Shiplap Cladding System features an interlocking tongue and groove design to achieve concealed fixings while providing a conventional timber appearance with a warm, clean and durable finish.
Consistently uniform shadow lines between the boards become architectural features when the boards are installed either horizontally or vertically.
InnoClad Internal Lining is suitable for a range of internal lining applications where the look and feel of natural timber is desired.
In addition to creating a stylish and warm interior finish, InnoClad Internal Lining is lightweight and offers outstanding acoustic performance.
INNOWOOD internal linings systems designed with tongue and groove shiplap joint, the edges of the joint on the exposed face are chamfered to create a "V" shiplap system, can be also select as board and board with "clip" concealed fixed system for internal walls, balconies or eaves at the joists/battens.
INNOWOOD pre-finished product comes in your choice of either INNOVATIVE or PREMIUM Colour Ranges.The main difference is in the finish and visual grain structure.
The Innovative Range has a brushed texture with a brushed coated linear grain finish;whereas the Premium Range has a brushed finish but utilises the latest technology during the extrusion process to imitate a natural wood grain structure.
INNOVATIVE RANGE comes in subsequent finishes - Smooth,Brushed,Embossed and Embedded wood grain finishes option.The INNOVATIVE Colour Ranges are as follows - American Oak, Western Red Cedar, Spotted Gum, and Weathered Wood .
PREMIUM RANGE comes in subsequent finishes - Smooth or Brushed finish.The PREMIUM colour range are as follows - Premium Oak, Golden Oak, Tasmania Oak, and Kiwi Black.
* Please bear in mind that colours may appear slightly different on delivery due to the lighting during photo shoot or different monitor settings.
  • FIND YOUR NEAREST SHOWROOM. We believe our UltraShield composite siding is the best choice for anyone wanting to upgrade their exterior wall cladding.
  • Here are our reasons:. UltraShield technology offers many benefits and has revolutionized the composite board industry.
  • NewTechWood became a pioneer in this technology back in 2010 when it set out to develop a deck board material that was more attractive, more durable and longer-lasting than any other composite decking material on the market.
  • After years of designing and testing, NewTechWood invented a product that surpassed all others in both performance and appearance.
  • The strength, durability and beauty of UltraShield products can be explained by their composition, which consists of two main parts:.
  • Co-extruded cap: The cap, which protects all sides of the board, is an impenetrable layer that can withstand staining, fading, scratching, cupping, swelling, mold and mildew.
  • During the manufacturing process, NewTechWood uses high temperatures to fuse the core and shield together simultaneously.
  • This means that no harmful adhesives or chemicals are released into the air. Composite core: The core of UltraShield products is made by mixing high-quality recycled materials with dense hardwood and softwood fibers, which provides the product with impressive strength and durability.
  • These products are all 100% recyclable.
  • This cutting-edge technology provides many benefits, including:.
  • Fade resistance: The unique formulations of the shield guarantees that it will retain its vibrant, high-quality colors for much longer than regular composite decking products with poorer UV-resistance.
  • Splitting resistance: The impenetrable layer of the cap also prevents the surface from splitting, which increases the longevity of the product.
  • Stain resistance: If you spill something on your UltraShield composite siding — even wine, coffee or oil — it will not stain.
  • Thanks to their protective shield, these composite siding boards will never absorb liquids, so you can easily clean up any mess.
  • Mold resistance: The shield also offers protection from mold and mildew, both of which are known to eat away at wooden boards.
  • Fire resistance: Unlike traditional wooden boards, UltraShield composite cladding is fire-resistant.
  • Pest resistance: Many insects, including termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees, like to burrow into wood siding, which can be disastrous.
  • Luckily, Ultrashield also protects against these invaders.
  • Low maintenance: Your shield contains multi-chromatic colors, so you won’t ever have to sand, oil or paint it. While our composite cladding is similar in composition to our decking and other Ultrashield products, our cladding is not just deck boards turned sideways — they feature a water seal that was specifically designed to prolong the longevity of your building.
  • If you’re a homeowner, you must consider the environmental impact that your installation will have.
  • Since you’re concerned about environmental sustainability, you’ll be glad to know that we’re committed to making our products with the most eco-friendly production methods available.


And we’re not just following recent trends — our company went green long before it was fashionable.


At NewTechWood, we follow the three main pillars of green living — environmental protection, social development and economic development.

Our production methods reflect this philosophy, which include:.
Recycled materials: Our products consist of 95% recycled materials, including plastic bottles and reclaimed wood fibers.
Our parent company has been dedicated to this practice for almost three decades.
By doing this, every month we save over 12 million pounds of plastic from going into a landfill.
And we don’t recycle just any material — we have control over the entire recycling process and select only the highest-quality materials, so we always know exactly what goes into our products.
Adherence to regulations: We have third-party organizations perform yearly audits to make sure we comply with safety, environmental and health regulations.


Reduced carbon emissions: We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by minimizing our waste, conserving energy and making use of the most efficient production processes.

By choosing NewTechWood products, which are made from recycled materials by a company committed to eco-friendly practices, you are taking part in this green initiative. The resources you’ll be using will help the environment instead of harming it.

If you have or are planning to buy a smart home, NewTechWood’s UltraShield siding is a great choice.

A smart home can be defined as a house that provides comfort, security, convenience and energy efficiency by using sophisticated technology and materials.

Its benefits generally include:. Green energy: Smart homes tend to be wind- or solar-powered and use the shade of trees to reduce cooling costs.

Their windows, doors and siding are also placed in a way that helps the inside stay comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

Automated lighting: Smart homes generally have lights that turn on and off automatically as you enter or leave a room.

Radiant heating: This type of heating warms homes by heating mass instead of air, which is a cost-effective way to stay comfortable when the weather is exceptionally cold or hot.

Geothermal heating: With this type of heating, deep core thermal systems get energy from the earth to provide cooling and heating to homes.

Although smart homes have higher upfront prices, these costs can be quickly recovered through cheaper energy bills.

However, for smart homes to use less energy, they must be equipped with high-quality siding.

It won’t make sense to spend extra on energy-efficient cooling and heating if the heated or cooled air can escape easily through your walls.

At NewTechWood, you can choose between two styles of composite siding options — the All-Weather System and the European-style.

The All-Weather system features 5.5”-wide composite siding boards while the European boards are 4.8” wide with three raised sections to give it an especially narrow appearance.

Can you use composite decking as exterior wall panels for house?

Yes, customers can design and use the composite decking as wall cladding.

Outdoor wall cladding can be perfect to decorate the outside of building, change the appearance of the exterior walls. The outdoor wall panels decor can can increase the service life,create the further protection for your building project.

Yes sure we can, according to our company’s policy, all samples are free, customer only need to bear the freight cost. Get free samples now!

Usually 10-15 days for one 20ft container(nearly 850 sqm goods), this time can be reduced to 7 days if the order is regular, so that we could arrange the product works in advance.

Yes,our sales department is in Minhang,Shaghai. Our factory is located in Zhejiang Haining City,it covers 80000 square meters,we have 58 extrusion production lines,and cooperate with supermarket and big wholewsalers all over the world,we have the laboratory room to test the products and beautiful show room. Welcome to visit our factory and our office in Shanghai.

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