Wooden Wall Cladding

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At Wood Cladding we specialize in the production of 3d wooden wall panels. With years of experience in the production of stone wall decorations a step into wood was fairly logical to make. After browsing through the available products on the market, we noticed that most of the wood cladding was too expensive, poorly made or impossible to export. This is why we decided to start up an advanced panel production our self.

While producing almost all items our self we decided to also set up a network of trustworthy suppliers that can create a consistent product against a reasonable price.

  • We support all our suppliers with our years of experience in assembly making sure that we always keep everything we export up to standard.
  • Within the variety of 3d wood panels we offer there is a clear difference in both the sophistication, with which the product was made and the type and amount of materials used.
  • The more exclusive models contain either A grade or Reclaimed teak and some of the more affordable ones consist of good however lower grade woods.
  • Although we work with a variety of woods we primarily use teak. Besides our many teak panels that appear natural we also have various options for finishing.
  • Playing around with different wood finishes gave birth to the “boat wood” variant in our collection. With an extensive variety of finishes and paint we have managed to make the panels appear as if they were made out of recycled boats, giving the 3d panels a rustic and antique appearance..
  • Even though our 3d wooden wall panels do consist of wood they don’t have a negative impact on the environment.
  • The wall panels are constructed using cut-off wood, or in other words scrap wood from various large furniture suppliers in Yogyakarta, making it a product fully produced out of factory waste.
Thermo Pine
Burmese Teak
IPE Wood
Red Cedar

Some of the panels are even made with scrap from reclaimed teak. Reclaimed teak itself is already a recycled material mostly originating from the demolition of old houses. By using the parts that were not used in the furniture production process, we manage to recycle it once again, keeping the waste to a minimum.

Besides the main component all the items we sell are constructed with solvent free glues/adhesives, eradicating the harm upon the environment, health of our workers and the end consumer.