Wwe Wrestlemania 33 Full Show

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I feel like I could copy and paste the same WrestleMania review every year at this point, just changing up some match descriptions and maybe some general remarks. Wrestlemania used to have the biggest matches of the year—things that had been built up for several months, in some cases even the previous Mania. But in more recent times, it feels like the card is padded with a bunch of stuff to cram as many people as possible onto the show, which creates some good things, but many more forgettable moments because WrestleMania has now turned into Wrestle Slog.
The 2017 edition took place in Orlando with this incredibly long ramp way to the ring. Several superstars did not even make it to the end of the ramp before their opponents entrance music started. This show was very front heavy in that AJ Styles-Shane McMahon, Kevin Owens-Chris Jericho, and the Bayley, Sasha, Charlotte, Nia four way were all solid matches.
The rest of the event seemed more concerned with creating the Wrestlemania moment, which ended up doing little for me: The Hardy Boyz return, mixed tag (with a bored/disinterested Al Roker doing intros), Rollins-HHH, Bray Wyatt-Randy Orton and the pictures on the mat, Goldberg-Brock ten minute spectacular, and the Roman Reigns-Undertaker lay around for most of thirty minutes.
More here to skip than I enjoyed.