Xfinity My Account App

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The hassle-free way to manage your Xfinity account anywhere, anytime – with no call needed. We've made some improvements to the app to give you an even better experience. If you have any suggestions or experience any issues, please share at We truly appreciate your feedback. I see a lot of complaints regarding customer service, so thought I’d leave this little tip. I don’t know how much of their CS is outsourced, but regardless, the support by phone is indeed horrible. I always go to one of their stores with changes to my account, and any problems. I’m pretty much stuck with them, as I live in a ‘dead zone’, and Xfinity (Comcast) is the ONLY signal that reaches us. They know they have me over the barrel. But when I go in, they ALWAYS help me whittle mybill down, remove any late fees, and find special bargains for me. The last time in, without even asking, they gave me a month at 1/2 price, and gave me an extra month to catch up on payments. I might be the only one..but Im EXTREMELY happy with them. There’s rarely more than a 10-15 minute wait, and the in person customer service is stellar. On the extremely rare occasions where I’ve had to use the phone, it’s been quite frustrating. Going in person makes ALL the difference. Hope that’s helpful to someone out there! I have been having issues with my tv box. I chatted with one agent who verified the problem and said that someone would monitor the situation so I would not have any further problems. I am sorry I forgot that agents name. 40 minutes later the same issue arose and I started chatting with an agent whose name was Clement. Clement said that a technician would be needed and if 3-5pm time slot today would be ok. I agreed to the time slot. Without anything else that could be done I thanked him for that and we ended our chat. Another 40 minutes went by and again my tv box locked up. I again used the app to chat with an agent by the name Mohammed. Mohammed never even looked at any possible notes on my account even after I asked him to. He wanted me to go through the same details of my previous calls. I told Mohammed to never mind and ended the chat.
Today, I use the app to call and actually speak with someone by the name Rihanna.
Rihanna had trouble getting any answers for me why I wasted my time waiting for a technician that was never scheduled by Clement in the first place.
I was not happy to hear that and all Rihanna could say was “thanks for that information “.
I explained how I felt about the customer service that I was being given and hung up.
My conclusion is the agents through the app will flat out lie to their customers and not do what they say.
I am seriously thinking of getting a different service because customer service is not a priority for this company. My remote is somewhere. I have no idea. But someday I’ll find it.
Until then, I had an old remote I wanted to reprogram, and was surprised that there’s no option for this in the My Acct App under the TV Support section.
I used Xfinity Assistant, chose TV Troubleshooting, and there’s no remote troubleshooting option there either.
So, I manually typed in Reprogram Remote, and the help I needed came right up.
The link it brought me to, it’s a great link!
It lists all the remotes, all the codes for my TV, and in a few minutes, I was controlling both power and volume to my silver remote with red OK button.
The remote link/page is awesome and really easy to use and understand.
I especially like that you show a picture of each remote so it was easy to find the old remote I had.
It also has a link to the remotes manual, if you needed it.