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Rated #1 in Overall App Quality by ACSI*Want to manage your Xfinity Mobile service on the go? We’ve made a few more minor bug fixes — more exciting stuff is on the way. I was very skeptical, and at times very frustrated, with the customer service for Xfinity in the past. There must have been some changes at the company because it is much better now. The Xfinity mobile app and the service overall have been great. The most I have paid for three phones in our family is about $90 including taxes/fees over the last year, and that was when we were traveling to rural areas on toad trips. Our average bill has been about $30-40/month for all three phones. Also, the new shared plan is really great for families, and extremely flexible.
We switched plans through the app recently when we were in a road trip, and used over $11 gigs of data because we could not link to wifi or an Xfinity hotspot very much.
Our bill was still only $90!
We were able to switch right back to a much lower by-the-gig plan after that trip.
When I’m at work, my phone automatically finds a hotspot in my office building, so I use no data at all.
We rarely have dropped calls, so we are very happy so far with the service over the first couple years!
The app is very glitchy and it is just getting worse. I’ve contacted them serval times but it is always an excuse that is never actually resolved.
For example there a feature that is suppose to keep track with texts and calls.
Only partially works.
I I have 3 lines and one line shows ever text and call.
While the other 2 phones only show some and not everyday.
The one phone will show say 15 text messages send and received when I actually sent and received well over 50.
I’m trying to keep track of stuff on all 3 lines and it is difficult when it doesn’t work as stated.
Another example is it will show I owe X amount the next day I owe nothing but I’ve paid nothing the day after I owe X amount again and so forth.
I’ve been with xfinity mobile since day 1.
Thinking about going to a different company because of this issue and the fact that they lie about why it doesn’t work.