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YamahaGenerators.com has the complete selection of portable inverter generators on the market to provide power to any device or appliance you might have!
For 20 years, YamahaGenerators.com has provided thousands of customers the best price and superior service on the entire line of Yamaha Power Products.

Who makes the best inverter generator?

Are inverter generators reliable?

Inverter Generators will provide you the clean and quiet power you need to protect your electronic devices.
Modern appliances, RV's, Televisions etc. all have electronic circuits in them that must be powered by clean power.
Using a standard generator to power anything electronic will result in either pre-mature failure of your appliance, or most assuredly failure at some point.
The only way to ensure your appliances and electronic devices are protected is by using an Inverter Generator.
Yamaha's model line-up of inverter generators will give you peace of mind to power your devices safely, quietly and at the best price on the market.
Yamaha's headquarters is in Japan and for most of their generator models, they are still manufactured in Japan.
However, when the Japanese Tsunami hit in 2011, Yamaha (like many other manufacturers) needed to expand operations into other parts of Asia.
So a few of their models now come out of a factory in China.
Over 50 years of worldwide experience puts Yamaha on a different playing field to most manufacturers.
Yamaha engineers set the benchmark when it comes to designing, testing and manufacturing engines for generators.
Yamaha inverters are amongst the most reliable and highest quality generators on the market.
Yamaha inverters and generators are extremely reliable.
A Yamaha generator purchased from an authorized Yamaha generator dealer in the United States will be warranted against defects in material or workmanship for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase.
Yamaha offers a wide range of inverters from the smallest (EF1000iS) to the largest (EF6300iSDE).
Your power needs will determine what size of inverter you need.
For a more detailed answer on how to determine your inverter requirements, see the video here.
Some examples of what inverter generators can do:.
Recharge 12-volt batteries with its 12-volt DC output for RVs, autos, and boats.

Where are Yamaha Generators manufactured?

Run outdoor lights for a worksite. Charge phones, laptops, or other electronics.

Run small refrigerators.

What can I power with a Yamaha Inverter Generator?

Arrived very quickly and as advertised. Great generator at a great price.

Steven S from Central Point, OR United States


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