Zeblaze Watch Setup

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Home >Download >Zeblaze ZeBand User Manual in English and Germany. This is the Zeblaze ZeBand English & Germany electronic user manual, you can download here for free as you need once you log in your account. Product specification. Turn on/off the wristband. Functions and operation instruction. HPlus Watch download. App operation instruction. Please read through this user guide carefully. If you still have problem in, please read the following:. For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased the Zeblaze ZeBand from us, but the user manual doesn't solve your issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help. 1Zeblaze Hybrid Smartwatch User Manual. Hardware configuration. Quartz movement: AL35EQuartz battery: SR626SWProgramme: nRF51802Bluetooth: BT4.0Display: OLED 0.49″ (64×32)3D Sensor: SC7A20Heart Sensor: EM7028Motor: Flat 0820Programme battery: 90mAh. BT distance: 5 – 10m (Open space)Quartz standby: 3 yearsProgramme standby: About 7 days (Depending on frequency of use)Waterproof level: 5ATMButton life: 100K timesTouch life: 100K times.

Electrical parameter. Operating voltage: 3.8VWorking current: 100uA (display off), 15mA (display on)Standby current: 30 – 80uA (All function turned off)Vibration current: 5mAMotor frequency: 12000. Material process. Watch case: Carbon fiber + PCTop ring: Zinc alloyWatch glass: Double glassButton: 316L stainless steelStrap: Silicone Strap buckle: 316L stainless steelBottom cover: 316L stainless steelWatch case size: Φ45.0 x 16.5mmAdapter strap: 20.0mm (strap width)Suitable: 150 – 205mm (wrist perimeter)Unit weight: 58.0g. Thank you for your favor. It’s not only a traditional quartz watch, but also a Hybrid smart watch integrating health&sport, mobile phone assistant and smart OLED display. For better use of this watch, please read this Operation Guide before using it. All illustrations for this Operation Guide are for reference only and products are subject to the actual ones. Watch hand timing start- up. Remove the crown stop card and push crown into the watch body, then watch hand will start- up. Adjust the time. When the watch crown is pulled out, and turn it to adjus time.

(Note: watch display time automatic synchronization APP pairing mobile time, see related chapter introduction). Replacement of quartz battery. The quartz core of the watch has its own button battery, which can be used for more than 3 years. When you find that the watch hand is stopped, please change to the same type button battery in time. Boot instruction. This watch does not support ‘power on/off’ operation. the smart module will automatically turn on when the polymer battery power is >0% and turn off when power is 0%. The attached accessories have a charging seat and USB cable, which should be used with standard charger (within 5V/ 2A) or standard USB power supply. Connect the charging seat and charger (or USB) with the USB cable, and then connect the charger to a power outlet. The charging base adopts 360 polarless charging design. It takes about 2-3 hour for the watch to be fully charged, and when the charging indication shows 100%, indicating full charge. In order to better use the smart functions of this watch.You need to install APP on your smartphone.

iPhone system needs to be IOS 8.2 or above, Android mobile system needs to be Android 4.3 or above. QR scanning installation. This APP supports Apple mobile phone or Android mobile phone, please scanning the following QR to download and install APP. Search and install. iPhone: search and install “Comfit” on App Store.Android phone: search and install “Comfit” on Google play.Android (China): search and install “Comfit” on App Store. Step ①: Access to the APP, register your user account.Step ②: Turn on the watch and BT, and take it close to your mobile phone.Step ③: Access to the APP footer menu “Mine” and click “Comfit device” ①; wait for the mobile phone: Search for “HYBRID” and click ② to start BT connection.Step ④: After the successful connection, the app automatically enters the “Comfit device” interface; click “Looking for device” ③, If the watch vibrate to verify the success of the watch and the mobile phone binding. In order to update the instructions in time, we arranged “more operation instructions” in the menu of APP. For further understanding of product operation, please go to “Mine – Help” of APP.

(Note: Before reading “Help”, the watch and mobile APP must be bound first). Zeblaze Hybrid Smartwatch User Manual – Download [optimized]Zeblaze Hybrid Smartwatch User Manual – Download. Featuring an array of outstanding functions - heart rate monitor, pedometer, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, swimming mode, distance, calories, call and text alert, the ZeBand is the best selling entry level smart band with an elegant design and attractive price ($20.84 at Gearbest). Only after connecting the Zeblaze ZeBand to your phone can these data sync to your phone automatically. Following are the step-by-step connection instructions for you. Android users can search for "HPlus Watch" in the Google Play store, while iOS users can download this app from the iOS App store (Support Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 or higher operating systems with Bluetooth 4.0). Alternatively, scan the QR code on the user manual to download it on your phone. Download and install the app "HPlus Watch" on your phone (Here we use an Android phone as an example). After HPlus Watch app installation is complete, tap the app icon on your phone to launch it.

After entering the app, there appears a prompt information. Tap "Allow" to turn on the Bluetooth on your phone. Click the Bluetooth in the app's Settings to enter the optional device interface, search and find the wristband Bluetooth name - HPLUS (Note: Make sure your wristband turn on and keep the band and Android phone within 10 meters with as few obstacles as possible). Then click HPLUS and the phone will connect to the wristband successfully. When the connection is completed, you need to fill up your profile in UserInfo, like age, gender, height, weight, etc. Please fill up your information correctly, so that the smart wristband can offer you the most accurate exercise and health data. Once the two devices are connected, the data and time on the wristband will be updated automatically. And the data about total distance, steps, calories, heart rate, etc., will be displayed in the app interface in real time. On the Settings interface, you can set up your watch according to your needs. For office workers, you can turn on the sedentary reminder function with sit notification. The band will vibrate to remind you to go around or do some exercise in a regular interval.

Switch time mode between 12-hour time and 24-hour time as you like. A reminder of phone calls, message, Facebook message, etc. You can check these social media notifications via Zeband on your wrist. Wherever you are, it will remind you by vibration so as to make you never miss an important message. Your whole day heart rate can be tracked when you turn on "All day HR" function.

If you have any problems about heart rate measurement, please consult in Fix heart rate monitor issue of Zeblaze ZeBand wristband. Notice: If you want to sync the data to your phone or receive your phone's notification on the wristband, the two devices need to be connected together via Bluetooth all the time, which really consumes your phone battery fast.