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  • DigitalNovember 2, 2018 (Japan only)Music VideoDecember 15, 2018[1]PhysicalJanuary 23, 2019[2].
  • Over "Quartzer" is an opening theme (OP) from Kamen Rider Zi-O.
It was performed by Shuta Sueyoshi (AAA), feat. Over "Quartzer". Over "Quartzer" Piano ver. Over "Quartzer" Acoustic Guitar Ver. Over "Quartzer". Over "Quartzer" (TV Size). Over "Quartzer". Over "Quartzer" Instrumental. Over "Quartzer" Shuta Sueyoshi ver. Over "Quartzer" ISSA ver. Over "Quartzer" Music Video. Over "Quartzer" Lyric video. The official music video was released online on December 15, 2018 as a hybrid alongside a commercial spot for the song's release.
The music video begins with two scientists (one of them portrayed by Reuben Langdon) working to create an A.I.
Yôhei Ônishi
  • However the A.I splits into two and takes the form of both Sueyoshi and ISSA, who then begin their escape.
  • The scientists attempt to block them, but the two easily override them and create backup dancers to assist them in their escape.

Nội dung phim Kamen Rider Zi-O: Over Quartzer

The scientists then proceed to isolate them into a sphere before deleting them. When the two believe that the threat has been subsidized, the two appear in reality behind them.
Lyrics indicated in Pink are sung by Sueyuoshi. Lyrics indicated in Red are sung by ISSA.
Isshun de tsukamitoru no sa Are you ready? (Are you lazy?)Atarashī rekishi wa soko ni Feel it!
Shout it out!Ima wo susume yōMadō hi mo Ikudo tonaku Asu no tobira tatakeMitsumeta sono saki niTobikonde mitaraBelieve Yourself!Now, Over "Quartzer"Toki no ame Surinukete Tomo niYou, Over "Quartzer"Mirai wo koe yōKako no ishi wa Uso de wa azamuke naiKanjiro sō Nexus FutureNow, Over "Quartzer"Mabayui sekaiMiseteKeiken ga toikakete iruAre you breaker?
(Drivin' baby!)Kodoku nante hitoriyogari-sa Konomama Shoot it Out! Shoot it Out!Negai kakageyouSeikai wa hitotsu janai yamiyo ni mimi sumase Mitsuketa sono kodō hibika sete mitara Believe Yourself!
(Are you lazy?)That's where the new history is! (Crazy baby!)Use your bonds of light to accelerateJust keep at it!
The Nexus FutureNow, Over "Quartzer"That dazzling world..Enchant meFate begins to ask you Are you breaker? (Are you brighter?)Suspicious of why there’s no time Beat it! (Drivin' baby!)You're getting complacent with solitudeNow's the time to Shoot it out! A demo version of the song was recorded by Sueyoshi alongside Takanori Nishikawa, which was played during the press conference announcement for Kamen Rider Zi-O.[3].
However, when the final version of the song was released with ISSA instead of Nishikawa, Bandai Namco later released a statement confirming that Nishikawa's name on the toy boxing was an error, and was to be fixed in future productions of the toy.[4]Although Nishikawa's version was cut from Over "Quartzer", he would later perform the theme song of the next season.
The song's title relates to the watch motif of the season'sRider, as quartz clocks are one of the most accurate and common types of clocks and watches.
Are You Ready" is taken directly from Build's Build Driver announcement." Feel it" is taken directly from Justiφ's, which is also sung by ISSA, who is a guest vocalist of this song."
It's also the name of a Kamen Rider Bladeinsert song." BELIEVE YOURSELF" is the name of a Kamen Rider Agito insert song."
Dare no tame ka nani no tame no yume ka" is similar to Wish in the Dark and Burning My Soul's lyrics."


Saigo no ichibyo made mo" is a reference to Clock Up ability." Yes my lord" & "You're my king" could be related to Woz & how he serves hislord. "Are You Ready" is taken directly from Build's Build Driver announcement.

Over "Quartzer"

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"Shout it Out" phonetically sounds like "Shauta", one of Kamen Rider OOO's combo forms. It's also the name of a Kamen Rider Bladeinsert song.

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